You'll be glad

Today was beautiful. I took the pups to the dog park. And I tried to pretend like I was a good photographer. It was good times. Oh and I got to see Alex for like 5 min cause I had to pick up his Class A's to go get them dry cleaned on account of he'll most likely be phasing up this week.. Yaynes!
I got a few things accomplish today so I feel pretty good. I went to walmart, went to the bank, and started Jillian Michaels 30 day shred. Let me tell you it kicked my butt. Felt so good.

dogs in act-she-on
Check out that Basset takin a crap..didnt even realize till now

Aww cutest face ever!

And now some precious pictures of the pups :)

This is great cause our dogs are total bed dogs, thats like the only place they will lay.
Well when we moved here Alex and I installed a new rule, no dogs on the bed. The first 3 or 4 days were really hard, like honestly I got NO sleep cause they just kept jumping up every 10-15 min and I would kick them off. Now they don't even attempt getting on the bed, they just go right to their doggy bed and stay there all night.. SUCCESS!!

Aww they're so good

Tomorrow is going to be a busy day and I'm quite excited. Gonna be a good day :)


A Day

Today has been A day. Yes just one of those days, when everything that can go wrong certainly will. It started out I wanted to go buy a couch today, cause Im tired of having no furniture in here. So I went to transfer some money from Alex's account into mine. Then this security question came up that asked what the first elementary school was so I entered it. Then I tried 2 more it could have been, and I ended up locking up his account, great I know. Even though I know ONE of those answerers had to have been right! Then I went to log on to my capital one account to see how much money was on my credit card, and another security question. What city were you born in. mesa. WRONG ANSWER. Mesa. WRONG ANSWER. MESA. WRONG ANSWER. I KNOW I WAS IN FACT BORN IN MESA CAPITAL ONE.. But noooo. SO that decided to lock up on my too! GRRRR!! Then I went to my Bank of America account, and that just wasnt working. Just my luck

After that I decided I would just go look at couches and buy later. So I took the dogs out for a little walk. Until I decided to start running with the dogs in shoes 2 sizes too big. Yes they are my shoes, Its just they're boys shoes and I really love boy shoes...but they dont carry any of my tiny little feet size in the mens, unless i wanna buy from the little boy section.. So I just deal with the big sizes. Anyways I was running with the dogs and I tripped big time. I hurt my ankle soo bad. I sat there for a while whilst Casey ran off, just thinking of how this is the worst pain I have ever been in. But I did not cry instead I got up, and threw up. Then I had to lure Casey back to me without chasing her, cause I couldn't. Finally I got her, and walked the longest walk back to my apartment ever! I felt so nauseated the whole time and felt like I was gonna pass out. I finally got back home, and just layed down. Then Gaylene called and I told her what happened and she said that its probably broken and I need to get to the hospital. Cause it already started swelling a ton, it was turning a little blue and my toes were numb(still are haha) But I just wanted to wait it out to see how it felt later on, cause I seem to have a lot of false alarms with broken bones. Anyways finally the pain became to unbearable and I needed to go.

So I went to my car got it tried to start it and nothin. I thought at first it was the battery so I jiggled the cables and tried to start it again, and this time it sputtered and the didnt start, so I knew it wasnt the battery. I thought though that I could still charge my phone, since my wall charger is MIA. So I turned the acc on and then it started freaking out of my so I quickly shut it off. And by this time my phone had 5% battery left. Geez soo frussstrating.

I was going crazy by this point in the day, and I knew there was really nothing I could do, so I went inside and said a prayer, praying that my car would work and my foot would be ok. Then I slept it off. And I woke up and the swelling was down. And it feels a lot better! Then I went outside and tried to start my car and it worked!! Oh and more good news, I just found my wall charger!
So now I've decided to entertain y'all with the happy right now!

I love me some giant jawbreakers. Granted they take me about a year to eat. But Alex knows i will never pass up an opportunity to buy one.
I call these Legit-a-flip. Cute right!? And there are so many others just as cute! And totally not cheap too. But they cost 4$ at WalMart. Yes I am going back to get more. So nice!
Getting mail with my new name on it! Yes this is the first I have got. Good thing Netflix doesn't check out if thats really my last name. I should change that
After my bad day I treated myself to my fav Chick-fil-a
With my favorite Diet DP
Now that is a happy meal
I dont know why but i love seeing alex's stuff here.
It's a little piece of him while he's temporarily away :)

My makeshift potty patch HA!
Ya and they still tear it apart
I love our Sverdrup sign. made by me :)
And michelle of coarse duh!
My fancy new dinning set. 16 pc guess how much?!
24.99!! and they're so nice too! Love um!
My super nice plastic dinning set and pretty glass cups
Our new mattress!
The lovely fireplace.
Even though I dont know how to light it
I love my Kitchen sign I made...
not the fact that I wont have a microwave till Mon or Tue

Happy Stuff yes? I think so