Ode de Mirnda

This is too my lovely sister Maranda. She saw my blog and complained that there were no pictures of her so...this is to you randa.

This girl is so awesome I love her. I have never met a more talented girl who can do seriously everything! You name a sport, activity, anything she can do it!

Its really funny cause everyday I come home from either school or work i can 99.9% gaurentee that she will be in the same spot on the couch against the window and she'll yell SHEESHA!!! and i'll go MIRNDA!!! And that is everyday! I love coming home and seeing her welcoming face there!! She is an amazing girl and I love her so much! And she shares my obsession with Twilight as you see :)



So i was online feeding my little obsession and I found this video. I cant even tell you how hard i was cracking up! This is deff one of the funniest things i have ever seen!! I love it i just had to share it, enjoy!


The "Hike"

The little view
The trail

So today me and Alex went on a hike. We went to camelback cause i have been dying to go since forever! So we went and we hiked up the street to get there, and then we hiked a little ways and relized we were both dead! Hahaha both of us have been working out like crazy all week and we were so sore and so tired. So we took a look at the view from there, took some pictures and went back hahaha. Oh but we did see some wild life! Two jackrabbits and a dragonfly!!


Johan in Uniform

So I was at my house the other day and Alex came over and changed into this. Whats going on is he is in the ROTC at ASU and he is going to be there for 3 years and get his degree and then go into the army as an officer for 6 or so years. Cool eh...well i just hope Iraq is done in 3 years yikes! But i mush say he looks pretty good :)