8 DAYS!!

Till I leave the United States!!

Thats right. I got my Sashmas wish haha and I get to be with my hubs for my birthday, our anniversary and Christmas! I can't even begin to tell you how excited I am!

This is really all thanks to the Patricks, who are letting me and Alex stay with them until we find a place for ourselves. It'll be a lot easier for me to look when I get there, and while Alex is at work.

Ahhh!! I'm so happy!! But I have so much to do before then! A little bit-o-stressed.

Wish me luck!!


Thanksgiving weekend

This weekend was a pretty fun one. We had about 20 less people than we normally have on thanksgiving. But we still had a really good time, my cousin Chelsea and brother Dustin came down from Utah. And my sister Tanna came in from California.

On Thanksgiving morning we went to the Phoenix Auto Show. It's a tradition we do every year on Thanksgiving morning.

This is 4 of us holding our Jeep passes. Dustin started this thing and said,"don't worry, I'm with Jeep", everywhere he went. So we all started doing it. Right here were standing in front of this door saying its ok I'm with Jeep, then we didn't know but Dustin opened the door and there was someone in there haha oops

Then Friday day, all of us went to the Suns game. It was so much fun! There were about 20 of us at the game and we had a blast! And the Suns won the Clippers, Yay!

And please don't judge. I decided I would dye my hair and shower right before we had to leave to the game which gave me no time to do my hair or makeup. And its just a bad picture anyway cause I'm like half squatting/leaving forward Boo

Oh and last night my sister Tanna got engaged. Crazy!



Look how cute my little kitty Jacques is.
I have never ever been a cat person. Actually, if you were to ever ask me I would say I hate cats. But I got Jacques a back in August and he is seriously the cutest/coolest cat ever. Nobody in my family used to like cats, but everyone loves him.
Just thought I'd share how adorable he is.

P.S. Anyone participate in Black Friday?
I did. Went out last night with Michelle at 10:30..got back at 6:15. For real allnighter.
Then I got back up this morning and went to the 2 same places I went last night cause I think my brain was just too tired to remember what I needed to get.
Oh, and at Walmart I saw this crazy lady start a big fight over a trampoline. She like literally flipped out. Security had to come and all. Good times at the walmart I tell ya.


Thanks Full Day 7

Ending my posts of thankfulness, I decided to save the best for last.
I'm so incredibly thankful for my sweet husband.

I know I really lucked out with him. He is such an amazing man.
Everyone who meets him instantly loves him. He is such a fun guy.
I just love being with him, and could be with him all day everyday and it would never get old, I guess thats why I married him haha. I love how easy he can turn my day around when I'm havin a downer day.

I'm so thankful for how incredible he treats me, and for everything he does for me. He's been working so hard to get me over there with him. And I know its a lot of work do to especially not having any transportation to get around base to do what he needs to do. I really can not describe how thankful I am that he will do anything for me. And I just want to be able to do everything I can for him in return.

Mostly I am so thankful I have someone as amazing, fun, caring, good-looking, and sweet as him, to spend forever with.
Cause really who wouldn't want to ;) I am really SO Lucky!

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! Hope you all have a lovely holiday with your loved ones. Especially the service men and women, and their families who are away from their loved ones. I hope everyone has a blessed holiday!


Thanks Full Day 6

Today I'm thankful for technology. I don't wanna look for a picture right now, but I wanted to blog about it.

I was reading in this book I have, Chicken Soup for the Military Wives Soul.

And I was reading all of these storys about women in WWII who wouldn't hear from their husbands for years. Yet they still remained faithful, and took care of EVERTHING.
That is so incredible to me how much faith they must have had.

I can't even begin to describe how thankful I am for the technology we have these days. Where my husband can be in Korea, 16 hours away, and I can still talk to him everyday. Or send him a quick message. So amazing!

In other semi-thankful news, I went to the dentist again today..and still have about 2-3 more trips coming. I am super thankful I still have some percocet from when I got my teeth pulled. I was in so much pain, and Karli only did my bottom right side so far. Then tomorrow I have to go back and get my other side done, then my top next week.
Really not excited for the pain. But I am really thankful I live in a country where dental care is so accessible, and I can have nice pretty teeth.

Very Very Thankful.

~What are you thankful for today?


Look what I got!

I went to the Mall yesterday with my bff Michelle and look what I got made!

They're a little hard to see but you can enlarge them.

I love these!


Best Thing Ever

I was out shopping with my BFF today. And look what we saw..

Yes, a dog on a motorcyle, and in goggles


Happy Commercials

I've compiled a few commercials for y'all that just make me happy. I know, I'm weird whatever. Some commercials just make me smile.

ha! Spanish does make things so intriguing!


I only put a couple of these, but you've had to have seen at least one of
the mayhem commercials! Love them!

Hahaha these are so funny! I've never seen these
until Kristen Guyton told me about them! There are some pretty
funny ones of youtube

Wanna know what commercials I LOATH?!
Old Navy commercials, they just need to stop already.

Oh and P.S. yes I am staying up instead of sleeping when I have to get up
at 6:30 in the freakin A.M. YIKES!

What's your favorite?

Thanks Full Day 5

Yes, I realized I got a little sidetracked and forgot about my Thanks Full days.
But Hai here I am for day 5.
Sunsets for real. Beautiful
They make the end of the day so happy.

~What are you thankful for today?~



For those of you that don't know Sashmas, it's a made up(but oh-don't worry-totally-legit-holiday) in my family.
You see, Alex and I got married in December. I had never wanted to get married in December cause I thought it was too close to. A. Christmas. B. My Birthday. And I didn't want my holidays to smoosh and get lost together. I wanted them all to be special.
Like I said we ended up getting married in December..and not only December, but December 14th..the day after my birthday.
So we all kinda made this up as a way to make them all special at the same time.
And that is how Sashmas birthed haha and yes I realized it is a little sacrilegious. And no, don't worry, I'm really not that conceded haha.

For Sashmas this year I want one thing.

I want this

With this guy
my cute hubs

In this country
apparently this is Taegu. IDK ,never been there
But doesn't that look awesome?!

Please and Thank you in advance!!
oh Please please please!!!

~What do you want for YOUR Christmas?~


My future child? I can only hope.

Oh my geez! I have just discovered the cutest kid ever!

If you haven't seen any of his videos please go here and watch all of them so we can gush about them together please!



Oh ever inevitable bump in the road

Yes, just shortly after I wrote that last post we hit a bump.

The USFK sent out this new memo , so now we'll be waiting till Nov 30th when they send out a new policy. I'm just praying that this is for the better and that CS goes through soon after this.

Which means there is now a 4.7% chance I'll get there before Christmas.

Which means know what I wanna do all day today?

Basically just lay and pout all day

But know what I'll be doing instead?

Yep getting my teeth deep cleaned to take care of my inflamed gums. yuck
Except it wont be that old person. But by my cute cousin Karli.

Exciting day right? Ya I thought so too

~What are you up to this fine Tuesday?~

One Year Ago

First off let me just mention this is my 100th post! Only took me a little over two and a half years haha I know pathetic. But yay me!

And on to the post...
I just realized today that me and Alex got engaged just one year ago yesterday(the 14th)
It is so insane how much time flies. I feel like it was just a few months ago. We got married just one month(to the day) after we got engaged. Then he left for BCT just 2 weeks after we got engaged! I can't even tell you how crazy that last month and a half was.

Alex and I dated for over two and a half years before we were married. And I'm not
gonna lie, a part of me misses the dating days. I miss being able to see my best friend every day. I miss having half or full all nighters to have a movie marathon. And just being with him.

Us New Years Day 2009

Since we've been married we've been toghether about 4ish months..mind you have not lived together..well not full time. For 10 weeks he got to live with me on weekends and come home nights but thats about it.

Don't get me wrong, I love being married, and being able to call him my husband, and I especially love us being a family, looking forward to starting our our family. I just really want to finally be able to live together!

In other Korean based news, here it is. We decided to not wait for Command Sponsorship, and just send me over there. We will still be able to get our stuff shipped, except for the car, with that we'll have to wait till CS goes through then get it shipped. The only downside besides that which really isn't that bad is buying my ticket and that will be only about 500-700.
Alex has started talking to realtors this week, looking for a place. And the hopeful plan is to get me there before Christmas! I can't even begin to tell you how excited I am! I'm just hoping everything works as planned and there are no more bumps in the road! Which I cant even begin to tell you how many there have been so far(a LOT)

Wish us luck with it all!

~Does anyone else think this year has gone by crazy fast?!~


Thanks Full Day 4

These guys are just about my favorite thing ever.
And I'm thankful for them cause I spent a good 5 months, while Alex was in AIT, basically alone.
In a new state. New side of the country. Not really knowing anyone.
But these guys kept me such good company.
And as dumb as it sound I really don't think I could have done it without them.
I love then so much and could not have gotten 2 better doggies!


Thanks Full Day 3

Today I am thankful for all of the brave men and women who have served and those that currently serve our country. They really do sacrifice so much.
I'm also especially thankful for my incredible husband who not proudly serves, but who also does so much for us.

Haha I just kinda like this picture.

Oh and fun fact about my Alex.
If you don't know you are not allowed to smile for your military I.D.
I don't know why I guess you have to look all tough
But Alex is a smiley guy
When Alex got his picture taken for his I.D. they had to take it 3 times
Cause he couldn't not smile and they kept saying you can't smile. Stop smiling.
Finally after the 3rd try they gave up and just let him smile haha
so in his Mil I.D. he has a big smile hahaha I love it!
It definitely shows who he is


Thanks Full Day 2

Today I'm thankful for my parents

I'm thankful they have always been there for me. Anytime I needed them.
They never stopped loving me through my awful teenage year. Yes, Year.

I'm mostly thankful for their pure example of love.
Not only for each other but for us kids.
Especially how much they love Alex too and treat him just like one of their own.
I love the great example they set in their marriage,
they have never fought...like Ever. And are still way in love after 25+ years.

I'm so thankful for my parents.


Thanks Full Day 1

Today as I was sitting in a moment of saddness
(don't worry my life isn't always full of saddness, it was just a moment)
I thought about how it's November, the month to be thankful.

My life isn't perfect right now, and I'm having a bit of a hard time with it.
But I do have SO MUCH to be thankful for.
So everyday this month, I'm going to try to post something that I'm thankful for.

Today I'll start with a simple yet good one

I love rain, so naturally I love rainbows equally if not more.
It's so beautiful and refreshing to see a rainbow after a good rain.
I also love seeing rainbows cause I know that's the sign of God's promise to us that he will never flood the earth again. It's such a simple yet beautiful promise.


Georgia on my mind

I'm sitting here listening to Zac Brown Band just crying.
Why am I doing this? Cause he sings about Georgia.
I miss Georgia. I miss this

It makes me sad I complained about the humidity as much as I did.
Ya some days(most) were awful(just during the summer)
But Georgia is so beautiful.
Not too mention I miss the heck out of southern hospitality.

I think I miss it most though cause that was our first married people home.
First time away from our family.
First time totally on our on.
Even though he didn't live there full time.
We made the best out of it and made a fun first home

I can't wait till I get to Korea when we can be together again!
I miss Alex so much! But missing him makes me realize
I'm so blessed to have such an amazing best friend
and incredible husband to share forever with

Ahh I loves him.
And I love this

I'm hoping a little that we get stationed back at Ft. Gordon a little after Korea.