The Destination

All my life I have been overweight.  It was always pretty depressing as a kid to watch your skinny friends eat what ever they want and remain a stick.  I've actually always been a little upset that I wasn't skinny, and I had to actually watch what I ate.
This year something clicked in me and I realized, if I wanted to be skinny or fit I had to work for it.  It would never be something that came easy to me.  And I will have to work for it my whole life.  And after realizing that, I wasn't mad anymore.  I just knew that I had to do something and work for what I want.

This is my year  my year to change and to become the best me I can be.  So far in the last 7 months I have lost 50+ lbs.  I also ran my first 10k October 1st 2011, and I can't wait to do more races!

This blog is my journey to Destination Me