Marathon Monday Week 8

I have been so absent from internet life lately. It's weird, I deleted my facebook Wednesday and I really don't miss it. I have so much more free time now, turns out I was a bit addicted haha. The last time I was even on the internet at all was like Saturday. I'm feeling a little anti social (networking) lately haha.
Sorry I've been such a slacker lately, usually I'm so good at commenting back to comments. I think I'll start getting back on here and on your blogs! but I did want to get on here and do this cause this is my last week training.
The 10k is this Saturday! Eeekkk!! I'm crazy freakin nervous.

September 19th-25th

Monday 19th: 3.66 miles 44:39
Tuesday 20th: Rest
Wednesday 21st: 5.16 miles 58:30 & 1 hr yoga
Thursday 22nd: Lower body
Friday 23rd: 3.06 miles 32:00 &upper body
Saturday 24th: 6.05 miles 69:13
Sunday 25th: Rest


Emma Frances said...

Good luck on the 10K! I can't wait to hear about it! :] You've got skills!

Jessica said...

Good luck on the 10k. You are going to do awesome.

I still have my facebook, but I am probably going to delete it off of my phone. I get on there entirely too much. I may have to delete the Twitter on my phone as well.

JG said...

Good luck! You will ace it!

ashley said...

oh I deleted facebook too.. waste of time!

Bre said...

Good luck on Saturday! You will be great!

Siri Natalia said...

Aww I love your blog! Would you like to button swap?

Anonymous said...

Good luck on your 10k!! I have passed an award along to you! Please check it out.