Two Years Ago

I thought in honor of mine and Alex's 2 year anniversary, I would share our story with the blogging world since it is so very precious

April 2007 I worked at PacSun in Feista Mall, at the same time Alex worked at GNC, in Arizona Mills Mall. On April 7, Alex had to cover a shift for someone at Feista Mall. Everyday when I worked I went in to GNC to get a drink on my break. And so I go in to get a drink when I was on break and I saw him haha. He was sooo cute and I stood waiting to checkout, and we talked for a bit, but I only had a 10 min break, so I had to leave. But I was getting really antsy working cause all I could think about was him! So I begged my boss if I could go get another drink cause I said I was feeling sick. But I went in there and I kinda paniced, I didnt know what to ask for cause I didnt wanna seem desprerate, so I asked if he had a knee brace hahaha I dont know why it just came out! But he didnt get the hint, and he told me he didnt, and to try Sears haha. So I went back to work.

Little did I know later that night after work Alex went home and talked to his mom about me, and his mom said he had never talked that way about a girl so he needed to go find me! So Alex got in his truck and went back to the mall and searched the parking lot hoping he would find me. But he didnt. So for the next 4 days everyday he went to the mall to try and find me, cause he didnt know what store I worked at, and he didnt know my name. So after 3 days of going to every store and trying to describe me to everyone, on the 4th day he was gonna give up and he went into GNC to tell one of his co-workers what was going on, and he said "oh that girl, she works at pacsun" haha so he went to pacsun and described me to my boss and she said ya that Sasha. He wanted to get my number but they couldnt hand out my number at work so he gave them his number.

Later that day I called in to see if I worked and my boss said, "Hey you know that guy you were talking about at GNC?" and I said yea what about him, she said "He came by looking for you, he gave you his number". Man was I freaking out, ask my mom, I was triiipppppiiiinnn! Hahaha, So i called him and left a message and he called me back and we went out the next day.

And the rest is history!


What's going on?

Well I've had quite an eventful everything lately I'll start with the most recent.

A while ago, I cant even remember when Alex got a new gun, and I was kinda against it, I was like why do you need a gun anyways? Then he said we'll go shooting and it'll be fun. So we went and guess what, it was! And i loved it!

Alex shootin

I got my 2 targets!!!

And alex got his! We only took 20 bullets and 3 targets, next time we'll have more though!

Next up this last Monday at work in the copy room I saw a sign and it said "puppys free to a good home" So anyone knowing me I couldnt resist! But here I had a problem, my mom said no more dogs! So I ask Alex, and he wants one!! So we go and we get this little girl!

Her name is Casey and she is Alex's and he lovesssss her! You cant see cause I didnt get any pics with her eyes open but she had one bright blue eye and one brown she is gorgeous! She is a husky/lab mix. I love her!

But that night Joe and Kim came over, and they wanted one too! So that night we went to go look at them but after much deliberation, it was a no. :( But little to my knowledge Joe and Alex went over on Wed morning and got Casey's brother! They named him Suka and he is sooo cute!!

Now my biggest Post reason with no pictures :(
On Thursday me and Alex half celebrated our 2 year anniversary! He had something really special planned for me but I didnt know what it was. He just told me to be ready to leave by 6:30 and I was supposed to wear a dress. Which was weird cause niether me nor Alex really do fancy haha. So we left at 630 and we got to the place and it is a ballroom dance studio!!!! I've been wanting do take dance lessons for so long but I never actually thought we would!! So we had this great dance lesson but then I found something else out! We were going to be doing dance lessons every week! And he already signed up for it and paid and everything! I couldnt believe it! I still am in shock and am so excited! Now everytime someone is over he's like lets show them our fancy dance moves and were pretty good! I love it!
But Monday is our actual anniversary day and were just going to go to a diamondbacks game which should be a lot of fun!

That's about all my news for know! Monday I'll do another post about our date! Yay!!

Hope everyone's doing well!