Let's get real

I always talk about how good I've been able to do on my diets but I'm gonna get real here. I'm not doing so good this week. This really sucks to say/write out loud. But it's true. I don't seem to have any diet motivation. That doesn't mean that I'm stuffing my face and eating a lot of crap. I did have a day where I had a chicken biscuit from Chick-fil-A and then a crunchwrap supreem from Taco Bell. And then I was sick as crap the rest of the day(that was wed)

Let's start from the begining. I allow myself a freeday every 10 days or so when I start to plateau. My free day involves stuffing my face, after a long morning run of course. And then the next day I go back to my diet, and back to loosing weight. Well things didn't quite go as planned this week. I didn't stuff my face on Wednesday, I just had those things listed above, cause it turns out my body can't handle bad food, at all.

So I woke up Thursday, thought it was gonna be a good day. I had an apple for bfast. Then it went downhill when I had a granola bar and a brownie. Crap just screwed up my diet. And thats all I had for the whole day, then at night I had pizza. It's not like I'm eating a ton of bad stuff, not even a lot of food at all. I just don't have motivation to eat my diet food, or a lot of any food really. I NEED to get my motivation back and start eating good! Someone help me!!

Oh and if you're wondering how I did the rest of the days. I did good all day Friday until Friday night when I had a granola bar and some veggie chips and an otter pop. Crap ruined again!!

Then today I had an apple for bfast(I need to buy eggs) And then I went to movie and lunch with my mother in law this afternoon and I had a chicken sandwich at chick-fil-a. So here we go again, not going good dang it. But I really am going to try so hard the rest of the day and Sunday I WILL DO BETTER!! It's just so frustrating I feel like I'm failing so bad. I know I'm not eating a lot but I'm not eating a lot of good either. I just don't have motivation to eat anything really.

At least the one thing I can say is that I've still been working out hard. But really I just wanna cry right now. I don't get whats wrong with me these last few days. I wanna get out of it!!


Anonymous said...

It's always a work in progress to make a transition to another lifestyle change. Mine has been a struggle but just knowing that for the most part, I'm eating better makes me feel like a million bucks. Don't be too hard on yourself. You're doing great!

Shelley said...

It doesn't sound like what you are eating and considering bad food is that bad. A granola bar? Not bad. Apple? Definitely not bad. A chicken sandwich from Chik Fil A is probably not bad either. Cut yourself some slack and live a little!! You are doing great. Just continue to work out and don't OVEReat and you will lose weight!

The Miskell Family said...

what helps me is to eat healthy all week and then have one meal of my choice. of course mine is mexican :) its easier to stick to your diet this way!!!

Erinn said...

Everything in moderation including moderation.
I've worked pretty hard these past few months to find balance in my diet and not freak out on myself when I eat food that isn't the best for me. But if I make it ok to slip sometimes or even plan for it, then there is nothing to be mad at myself about. THere are a lot of great nutrition plans for people who are active which usually include 6 times a day of eating. You are physically active so much that you can't limit your food intake too much or else your body won't be as effective in shedding weight. Maybe it's worth seeing a licensed nutritionist? Also, stressing out makes you hold on to weight easier. Do what you makes you happy and as stress free as possible so you can see the results you want to see.

Jessica said...

We haven't done that great on eating this week either. We've had pizza one night. Last night, we went to Buffalo Wild Wings to watch the Alabama game and had wings and fried pickles. The great news though is that we are still doing our workout and kicking butt doing it. You messed up... no big deal. Just hop back on the wagon again!

Melissa said...

I've been a BIG fan of myfitnesspal.com since I started on it over a month ago. It's super easy to use and you can track your calorie intake and your exercise burn. The food database is huge and the more you use it the easier it gets. AND...I'm on there, so we can be pals and encourage each other! :)

Check it out! It's helped me so much! I'm down 8 pounds and 3 inches in my waist since I started just over a month ago.

Carly Ann said...

I know what you mean. as soon as I notice the pounds arent coming off, I let it go and say "well it wasn't helping that much anyways" and immediately regret it. I end up feeling like crap. You will be able to snap out of it though!

Bre said...

Keep in mind that every choice you make is a chance to make the right choice. Just because you had something bad as a snack or a meal, doesn't mean your whole day has gone down the drain. Use the next snack or meal to make a good decision. And be sure you are eating enough calories to fuel your body for all of the working out you do, otherwise your body will store your fat instead of getting rid of it. Good luck!