Facebook & My Day

I know, I know, everyone for the past day has been complaining about the new facebook. And yes, I am here to do the same.
The new update is total bull. Anything you say to anyone everyone can see. WTH is up with that?!
I transferred all of my pictures from facebook to google+ tonight and deleted my facebook.

If anyone wants to find me I'm on there. Just search Sasha Sverdrup. And no, I don't care if people know my last name, it's my email. People can figure it out in like a second.

Today was a pretty good day.
I woke up and ran 5.16 miles in 58:30. Fairly satisyed with that time.

& this is what my afternoon looked like today.
I swam a little and tanned and read my book, why yes, that is Twilight.
I wanna soak up every last bit of summer. Which by the way doesn't seem to be ending here. It was 103 today and Thurs, Fri, & Sat it's going to be a high of 104.

After some pool time. I got some great color by the way. I finished my math homework.
Pretty good day indeed

I might have to do this again tomorrow haha


Fran said...

I really do kind of hate the new facebook.. I like my privacy haha.

As for your day? Seems pretty perfect to me, running, reading and relaxing :)

[ps, I started a running routine and I was running today and totally thinking of you and how I hope to be like you! ]

Emma Frances said...

What a good day. :] So, I don't really care about Facebook enough to care about the new update but I am still wondering how long it took you to transfer everything to Google+. I might do it since I'm on Google+ already and just never really use it. Haha.

Britt ♥ said...

Hearing about all the updates makes me so happy I got rid of it. I think it's going to be a fad and just fizzle out eventually. You won't miss it! I definitely don't, and I found myself with loooots of free time once I got rid of it.

Asha said...

Ughhh I hate the new FB too! But I do love your blog and am your newest follower! And congrats on running over 5 miles :)

I'm also having a giveaway. You should check it out at ashareyes.blogspot.com

Megan said...

How did you transfer all your pictures over? Did it take a long time?

I just started using google+ and I LOVE IT!! I was just worried about how to transfer the pictures!


Erinn said...

I love the way you set up that picture with the apple and Twilight :)
and yes, the new fb is a pain in the ass. I had to change all my privacy stuff so people I don't know can't see what I say

Connie said...

Wait, what? I'm on FB but I thought you still had your privacy! I have to look into it now.. I heard people were saying stuff.

The Miskell Family said...

Ohhh man, Im jealous.I wish I was laying by a pool reading my kindle. Only thing to make it better is to add a yummy glass of wine. Happy weekend!

Katie said...

Wow some time by the pool sounds amazing! So fun :)

Candace said...

Ugh I hate the new facebook so bad. I really want to delete it as well. I don't know why keep it.