Biggest loser is on!

I have 9 people signed up for biggest loser right now! I will be emailing details out tonight and we will be starting the competition on Tuesday! If you or any friends or anyone wants to join send me an email! It will last 12 weeks and the grand prize is now at 90$! Let's try to get it up!! Sign up!


Have you seen

The preview for this movie. I cried during this preview. Why, I don't know. I just think it looks so beautiful and unique. Silent movies just don't exist anymore, this looks awesome!

I will definitely be seeing this.

Also, have you ever seen autotune the news? Of course you have. Bedroom intruder. The not as popular but just as funny Backin Up?

Well these kids autotuned a story from Phoenix and it is so funny!

Remember when I blogged about this, like a couple days ago haha

I think this will be really great we can get if we can get a lot of people to join in. I have 3 people interested right now. So email me if you're interested!! Start date might be next Wednesday. Could change. To not this Monday but next, we'll play it by ear. You can do any diet or exercise plan that works for you. And everyone is gonna be motivating each other, it'll be great! So email me!


Biggest Loser?

I've been thinking a lot(by a lot I mean this morning) That it would be so much fun to do a biggest loser throughout the blogosphere!
I know a lot of people are working on their fitness goals on their own, and I think it would be fun to do it together and encourage each other. We'll do weekly weigh in's and so it's fair we do it like the biggest loser does it and count weight percent lost, not just pounds. Everyone can put in maybe 5-10$ and the big winner would get the money at the end.
Who would all be interested in this? And if you are interested, would you wanna do an 8-10 week challenge before the new year for those of us that wanted to lose weight for their 2011 New Years Resolutions? Or would you wanna do 8-10 weeks after the New Year?
I've always wanted to do this and I hope other people do to! If you do want to do it pass it along to your blog to so we can get as many people as possible doing this!


? Peak

Last night I found this super awesome website, its called hikarizona.com. It has every single trail in Arizona and there are so effing many! I was excited when I found it, but I was also very sad. You see, I only have two and a half weeks left here. It seems I have found this a little too late :( It sucks I've been hiking the same 4-5 trails over and over and over..at LEAST 4 times each. But I wanna hike as many new trails as I can before I leave. So today I got my sister and we went off on a new trail..that trail, I have no idea what name it is, something peak.

It was so much fun. we were hiking for a bit and I'm we got like stuck or something, it seemed like we got to the top of the peak but I can't be too sure. The trail was so confusing! But we made the most of our confusion and took a lot of pictures it was so much fun.

Then after that we were walking back when we found another path. So we decided to take that! It was so fun to be somewhere totally different and get lost and explore.

And as always I took way to many pictures. I love the desert


That top right is what is supposed to be the trail..confusion..

posing with a cactus and roo jumping a pole


We met a cactus friend he was so cool! This is us laughing with him

We found a cute little tree in a cute little ditch. And the bottom right picture is me reenacting squatting and peeing by that tree..yes I peed by a tree cause I'm 5 years old and cant hold my bladder


Seems Fitting

I stepped on the scale this morning to find out I finally lost 50lbs!! I was freakin excited! It took me about forever and a day(about six and a half months) but I finally did it!! Now if I just need to loose about 30 more and I will be a happy camper. But this 50 is a big milestone for me!

I'm linking up with goodnight moon today

I thought this song/video went perfectly with how I'm feeling. Especially the end cause thats totally how I felt(and might have acted this morning)

Here is the video. Embedding was disabled. boo


Squaw Peak

I went hiking today with my best friend Michelle. It was such a nice day, fall finally happened here, it's only a high of 85. Lovely. The hike was good, This was Michelle's first time going so we stopped a lot at first but then half way through I went on without her. I hate doing that but she insisted. So I race up to the top real quick and ran down and met her. The I jogged most the way down. I remember when I used to do this I could barely do it. I felt like I was gonna die when I finished. But it's actually a pretty easy hike and I did it pretty quick. It felt so good to not be out of breath at all and be able to do it so good.


I love hiking in this weather. I think I'm gonna be going again on Friday maybe.


Oh yeah, that's why I love him

My husband reminded me of yet another reason why I love him. I got a package today and in that package I found the best thing ever!! Like really, ever!

Before I show you, remember when I bought this. Awesome right. But not as awesome as the present I got today!!


Ahhhh I love it!! When I opened it I was seriously jumping up and down with giddiness.

But don't worry he got himself a shirt too
hahaha Bill Murray

(both from the chivery)

Seriously LOVE these!
Love him!


Where the crap did September go?!

Seriously. I don't even remember a month passing. I feel like September just started half a week ago. I'm trying to remember what I even did the whole month, weird, I honestly can't remember. But I'm totally not complaining. My husband is coming home this month!!! Can't even begin to explain how excited I am!!

Friday, well Korea time, Alex got promoted!! He is now a specialist, I am so proud of him! He's only been at his first duty station for 11 mo and this is really amazing that he got promoted. I'm only saying that cause his unit kinda sucks at getting things done. But they got this done so thats good! But really I'm so crazy proud of him :)

Isn't he a babe. Yep, I know :)

Also if you've been following my blog for a while, you know I've been training for a 10k. And that 10k happened to take place today. I was so insanely nervous, this was my first race ever. Well first race on land, I'm a swimmer, not a runner, but now I guess I can say I'm a runner too! Three of my aunts and my mom and dad were able to come down and watch me, and I am so glad they were there to support me. The run went really well. I had a really good pace until the last mile and my hip like started wigging out and it hurt so bad, so I walked for like .40 of that mile. I loved how there were people along the track cheering and clapping, it was such a boost hearing that. At the 4th mile I saw my family and that was a big boost. Really though this was so much run, and I'm already looking forward to my next race! Me and the hubs are gonna do a half marathon for our 2 year anniversary :)

the fam minus my dad, he's taking the pics
waiting for the race to start
start of the race
seeing my family after mile 4 gotta do the thumbs up haha
my dad ran after me to get this haha
horrible picture of me. But this was such a happy moment

My official time was 69:29 which is an 11:11 mile, also 30 sec under my goal time. I'm happy with it, but at the same time I'm not, only cause I know I couldn't have gone harder(grrr that last mile) But still the same pretty happy with my accomplishment :)