Have you seen

The preview for this movie. I cried during this preview. Why, I don't know. I just think it looks so beautiful and unique. Silent movies just don't exist anymore, this looks awesome!

I will definitely be seeing this.

Also, have you ever seen autotune the news? Of course you have. Bedroom intruder. The not as popular but just as funny Backin Up?

Well these kids autotuned a story from Phoenix and it is so funny!

Remember when I blogged about this, like a couple days ago haha

I think this will be really great we can get if we can get a lot of people to join in. I have 3 people interested right now. So email me if you're interested!! Start date might be next Wednesday. Could change. To not this Monday but next, we'll play it by ear. You can do any diet or exercise plan that works for you. And everyone is gonna be motivating each other, it'll be great! So email me!

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Christine Marie said...

Whoa. That movie looks really interesting. I'm really glad you posted this; I think I may just have to see it