The Time Will Fly

Yesterday I said goodbye to my Alex
It was sad, I cried as we kissed outside his hotel.
Yes, I am sad. But more than anything I am very happy.
I couldn't be more excited for him, because of how excited he his.
Not only am I excited for him, but I'm excited for us.
The sooner this done with, the sooner we get our own place,
And the sooner we get to start our adventure.

Yes, I am going to miss him like crazy.
But I'm not going to fixate on the time he is gone.
I'm gonna get a lot of stuff done.
Kick out some New Years Resolutions,
And enjoy the time I have left with my family and friends,
till me and Alex get stationed somewhere new.

I'm so proud of him, and the choice he made for us
I know he is going to do so amazing at his job in communications.
I can't wait till we get to be together again and start our lives,
I'll be missin him, but for now I'll have to swoon over these :)


Yes, I am married

First of, let me begin to tell you why so soon, in order of importance.

  • Alex will be in basic training from the 29th till he graduates on March 11th. He then starts AIT on March 15. Which if you can imagine is no time for a wedding, and were not even too sure if he will be in Arizona at all during those 2 days.
  • Um Basically were in Love
  • I want to start school in January, and me being an army wife, get mondo mula por escuela!
  • Not just school but excellent benifits for everything!
  • Being engaged is ssssssssoooooooo OVERRATED!
But let me tell you I am so happy we did it early! It was a really last min thing. We wore jeans and t's and had the bishop do it in the front yard. As unplanned and "redneck" it may have been the acctual ceremony was perfect. We still plan on having a ring ceremony and reception sometime when he gets back. That's why there are no pictures, cause I didn't really wanna remember this as the wedding, I know I'm weird.

I know We've only been married 4 days or so. But I LOVE it! I love never having to say goodnight, and be with him all the time. I'm so happy that I was lucky enough to marry my best friend. It's so crazy to think about it, cause I never would have thought when I saw this hot guy at GNC, that I was totally crushing on, that we would be married three years later. . But I'm so glad thats how it all turned out :)


My Foo

I thought I would share this beautiful picture of my lovely fiance with you all.
Oh and Casey

Greatest picture ever?

I think so