On my mind

It's beautiful outside tonight. I really just wanna hang out there all day. Really, all day.

I didn't go to church today, I didn't really wanna see anyone, or be cooped up inside for three hours. I was having a bit of a rough day.

I went to the dog park instead. I love being there, I love hangin with the pups, seeing them interact and I love having a bit of a quite place outside to sit and write my Alex.

I hate deciding what to write him. I'm so used to us telling each other everything about our days, and how we are. I don't say a lot how I miss him, and I try not to ramble on about my life, like I usually do.

I enjoy quite time to myself, probably more than people think I should. It's not in a depressed way, cause I'm not. I just like thinking, relaxing, or writing(which I usually am) I like being with people, but being alone is nice too.

I'm enjoying what I think will be my last warm winter. I have a feeling that by this time next year I will be cold haha. I'm loving the weather outside lately. I wish my driver side window was able to roll down, I hate that it's broken :( Who would like to lend(and yes I mean lend, we'll have money in a few weeks) me 120 to fix it?! No, nobody, ok moving on.

I miss my Alex always, though I (try to) rarely show it. I feel like now I'm carrying a new title of "Army Wife", it's my job to be strong. This is going to be our life, I knew it before I married him. I know there are going to be deployments, and him being gone a bunch. But I also know that we're gonna have a great life, and I am so excited for it!

I really hope this isn't sounding like a downer blog. Yes? No? do tell


It was then she realized, she had a problem

I feel like I'm so busy, but not at the same time.
It is mostly stuff that Alex needs me to do haha.
I have to upgrade our health care.
Put money in his account.
Send envelopes to Benning, cause he forgot his ha
Go print out pictures to send him

And of coarse stuff I need to get done
Put money in my 2nd account.
Go to the Gym
Go get my military ID. Which will be tough cause of work
Take the pups out

Then future things that need to get done.(Next Few Weeks)
Switch our car insurances over
Get new phones
Get Alex his new ring before graduation
Book hotel for BCT Grad

Oh and lets not forget the things I want to do
Go tanning
Read more books
Learn to crochet
Learn to cook
See at least one 5$ movie a week
Watch all my shows haha

I know it seems like not a lot, but it definitely feels like it. Especially with work. And the fact that I've been taking Grandpa to lunch everyday. So just those two take go from about 1030-1900 everyday roughly.

In other news, I have had a fabulous week, and received 3, yes 3 letters from my wonderful husband. He sounds like he is doing good. Even with the drills yelling in everyone's face. He says he loves the environment there, no not sarcastically, because he says the drills instantly put the knuckleheads in their place, and all the morons shut up haha. I know he's gonna do so awesome there. I'm sure anyone who knows him knows he will! He is probably one of the most respectful guys, and the easiest person to get along with like ever! If you know him, you like him. *Sigh* I miss him

Time is going a little faster though I can tell :)
Cause hey! Only 52 days!
Well were leaving in 52 days, get to see him in 53.
52! thats less than 2 months!

Anyways. To get to the title of this post. As many of you know, I love QT. I love the Diet Dr. Pepper at QT. I usually have about 2-4 a day. Which I really dont think is bad, cause it's diet. No Cal, No sug and it fills me up before I eat, therfore I eat a lot less throughout the day. I know water does the same thing, it just doesnt taste as good haha.
Well yesterday I didn't have any, not on purpose, I just didn't. And I didn't notice until about 2 hours into my horrible awful headache. It hurt sooo bad! Then I started to feel sick cause of how bad the headache was. But I didn't want to get a drink at 2200 cause I know I would be up all night if I had one that late. So I took some ibuprofen and stuck it out. Then I started to feel worse. And then came the throw up. Yes I got such a bad headache from not having my diet dp that I was throwing up. Not a lot but still.
And ya know what I learned from all this...
Always drink your diet soda BEFORE the headaches come


It's Friday and I'm OK

It's been a week and two day since I last saw him, and 2 days since I last talked to my Alex. The first week was soo very hard, but I can tell it's getting better and going by a little faster! I'm really happy that he is actually doing something now, instead of in reception. I can tell he was getting so anxious, and I just wanting to get started. Besides, the sooner he starts, the sooner he's done!

In the meantime, while he gone here is what I have to look forward to.

Seeing this movie with all the girls tomorrow! So excited!

Going here tomorrow night with all the adults, and my friend Blaize!

Hahaha losing weight! With Alex being gone I'm certain to lose weight because
  1. I just haven't been eating a lot
  2. It's easier to whip up some egg whites then to go grab food, like we do a lot!
  3. I have to keep busy, so I work out!
  4. I'm determined!
  5. I've already lost a few pounds

And now I shall tell you what is going to keep me going while my Alex is gone

Yes, my numerous daily trips to QT. At least 2-4 a day, Diet DP with a dash of cherry and vanilla yumm. It was so weird I was on my way home from work a couple days ago, bawling, and I stopped and got my drink, and it was so weird how it just kinda calmed me down. I know I sound like a freak but it really did!

My doggers. I stay busy with taking these guys on bi daily trips to the dog parks and on walks. I love these guys. Even though they can be punks, they're still cute.

I don't a picture of this one, I'll put some up tomorrow. But all my family and friends!!
I love you guys!

In closing of this post I would like to leave you all with this

I love old us haha


I miss

  • Numerous runs to QT. *Even past midnight.*
  • Trips to Walmart past midnight *looking for absolutely nothing*
  • Nightly foot rubs *no I am not over exaggerating, ~every night~*
  • laying in bed talking about our day *for the 2 weeks we were married we made sure to end our night with telling eachother about our day, usually falling asleep to that. Even if we spent all day together*
  • Being warm at night *grrr freezing cold bedroom*
  • Taking our dogs on walk and to the park *I still go everyday, It's just not as fun by my self*
  • Dates *Nothin better than dinner and a movie on weeknights*

I just having fun, and being with My Best Friend

*63 Days*