Next stop, California!

Alex joined the army just 3 years ago. He got an amazing score on the ASVAB and picked what looked like it was going to be a really great job. Then just a year after graduating AIT realized his job was becoming/was obsolete. I don't think he has ever done what he was actually trained for. We got to fort Bragg a year ago now and hasn't done anything close to what he was trained for. So he decided he wanted to reclass and pick a job that is really good and has good promotion aspects as well. (his current job is not promoting at all. Although he has been promotable for about 9-10 months.)
In August he was able to start putting stuff in to be able to reclass. He had to do a lot and then took a few tests to have a lot of options for what job he wanted. He had it narrowed down to two, then a few weeks ago he finally decided what he wanted to do and put his papers in for a reclass in the BEAR program. He heard back a week later and he got a class date!!

We're moving to Monterey, CA next november! We could not be more excited!! At first I was a little bummer it wasn't sooner, but then I realized this is a really good situation. We love our house here and well be able to be together till Johan is about 10-11 months. Then well have a year in Monterey, then after that, 5-6 months in Texas for his actual job training after that.
The best part is that for the next at the very least 2.5 years there is no chance of deployment. We both feel so blessed thy he was able to do this and have this great opportunity.
We can't wait to get back to the west coast and way closer to our family!


Baby's room

We got so incredibly blessed when in came to stuff we need for the baby.
My cousin has 2 boys 3&1.5 and shes done having kids and when we were in Arizona she gave us literally everything they had. All their clothes newborn-24 months. Bouncer, blankets, and so more.
Then we had a baby shower and got so much stuff and tons of money/gift cards. My mom bought us a travel system, my sister in law is letting us use her swing since my little niece grew out of it. My aunt M&P bought us a crib. My aunt Tammy made the bedding out of my old comforter and sheets from high school. I could go on and on about everything people gave us, again we are so blessed. Here are some pictures.

All the decorations I got in high school. I had a surfer/beach room it's so nice to be able to reuse everything for Johan's room. As you can see the only thing we don't have is a dresser right now haha so were being ghetto and using plastic storage bins. Well get a dresser soon

All the clothes in the closet are only 0-6 months. Everything else 6-24 is in 2 jumbo space bags in the storage room

In the closet is a blooming bath(LOVE!) stash of diapers and wipes, all things baby hygiene wise, diaper bag, boppy, bumbo, toys, diaper genie, pack and play(to be used as bassinet) breast pump bottles and a whole bunch of other random baby stuff

The stuff in the drawers are Jammie's(newborn-6mo) pants, shorts, all newborn, blankets, socks and hats

Kitchen drawer FULL of bibs and burp cloths, all from my cousin

A shelf in our linen closet with wash cloths and those adorable hoodie towels. Again all from my cousin.

Travel system. My aunt tammy is making a car seat cover out of the bedding. So excited for that!

And last but definetly not least is a recliner from sams club my mom and Alexs mom went in on! Even though they both already spent so much on us already.

It's so insanely cozy! We wanted something for late night feedings and cuddling baby but didn't want one of those generic nursery rockers that everyone gets that honestly dont look to cozy. But this we can totally just sack out in. We love it!

Now, here is the amazing part, we literally did not spend a dime on anything. We got/ bought everything with money/gift cards people got us. We have been 100% set for about a month now, we don't need to buy one more thing, except more diapers and wipes eventually. But other than that we are done! I really can't thank everyone enough for everything. We are seriously so lucky and have the best family and friends anyone could ask for!