Oh so Much

I have a lot of things to put on here today.

First of I got an award yay!
Love both these blogs!

The rules:
1. Thank the person who gave you the award and link back to them.
2. Share 7 things about yourself!

So here are the 7 things about me
1. I love D. Phil. People like to rag on him but I like him, and watch every episode
2. I have 10x more room on the bed when my husband is home as apposed to when I sleep by myself. Because when I sleep by myself the dogs sleep on the bed with me and I get like a sliver of bed
3. I love my jeep. But I want my Acura back. Too bad we can't afford 2 cars right now or I would totally take it back
4. There is nothing more therapeutic to me then driving fast and listening to music at night
5. I think me and my husband have the best story(you can read at the button above) I might be bias but oh well
6. I never would have thought me and my husband would spend more time and go on more vacations together when we were dating than when we were married, but I also never factored the military into our plans when we were dating
7. I love Arizona. Actually I'm gonna be writing an Arizona post soon. Best. Place. Ever.

And I'm not gonna pass this on cause I'm pretty sure I've seen about everyone have it now haha

Next think on the list. Goodnight Moon link up!!

This is just because it's "our song" and absolutely 100% true Every thing just seems to be so much better when we're together

Now last thing. I've got a bunch of new followers lately and I feel bad I haven't really said "hey" So I want everyone to introduce themselves to tell me something about you(even if I already "know" you. and if I'm not already following you where I can follow!

Oh and big P.S. my love comes home in 26 days!! so soon!!


Marathon Monday Week 8

I have been so absent from internet life lately. It's weird, I deleted my facebook Wednesday and I really don't miss it. I have so much more free time now, turns out I was a bit addicted haha. The last time I was even on the internet at all was like Saturday. I'm feeling a little anti social (networking) lately haha.
Sorry I've been such a slacker lately, usually I'm so good at commenting back to comments. I think I'll start getting back on here and on your blogs! but I did want to get on here and do this cause this is my last week training.
The 10k is this Saturday! Eeekkk!! I'm crazy freakin nervous.

September 19th-25th

Monday 19th: 3.66 miles 44:39
Tuesday 20th: Rest
Wednesday 21st: 5.16 miles 58:30 & 1 hr yoga
Thursday 22nd: Lower body
Friday 23rd: 3.06 miles 32:00 &upper body
Saturday 24th: 6.05 miles 69:13
Sunday 25th: Rest


Facebook & My Day

I know, I know, everyone for the past day has been complaining about the new facebook. And yes, I am here to do the same.
The new update is total bull. Anything you say to anyone everyone can see. WTH is up with that?!
I transferred all of my pictures from facebook to google+ tonight and deleted my facebook.

If anyone wants to find me I'm on there. Just search Sasha Sverdrup. And no, I don't care if people know my last name, it's my email. People can figure it out in like a second.

Today was a pretty good day.
I woke up and ran 5.16 miles in 58:30. Fairly satisyed with that time.

& this is what my afternoon looked like today.
I swam a little and tanned and read my book, why yes, that is Twilight.
I wanna soak up every last bit of summer. Which by the way doesn't seem to be ending here. It was 103 today and Thurs, Fri, & Sat it's going to be a high of 104.

After some pool time. I got some great color by the way. I finished my math homework.
Pretty good day indeed

I might have to do this again tomorrow haha


It's a sweat pant wearing kinda day

Today I'm taking a break from working out. My body is super sore. So i decided I felt like doing some homework and chillin in my sweats all day

that is not my room by the way. Well it was, that's why it's decorated all cute. That was allll me. But my sister took it over when I moved out :( and she took my other sisters room too. Yes she currently resides in two rooms, both of which are much bigger than the one I live in. But I digress.

Dont worry I'm staying in my house(which is freezing) and pretending it's cold enough outside to wear sweats. It's not by the way, it's actually 101 outside right now. And yes it is the end of september.

My favorite show starts back up tonight and I'm so freakin excited!! Yay for biggest loser!!

Invade you can't read my shirt in the mirror...

My sister bought me this shirt for Christmas 2 years ago. But I ne'er wore it cause it was soooo small. But I didn't wanna exchange it cause that's embarrassing right. But I tried it on today and much to my surprise it's a little loose! Talk about exciting!!

Also today I died my hair. I wanted to wait to get it done professionally but thats way out of my budget tight now and my grays and roots were insane. Yes I have gray hair. I've had gray hair since I was 11 and got teased a bunch for it so I started dying it regularly since then.
Anyways. I just bought box color which I hardly ever do but I think this is my favorite color my hair has turned out. I think I'll continue buying that color. I really love it!

Yes I'm also laughing at myself for taking mirror pictures

And one last random thought of the day My lover comes home in exactly 5 weeks!! Holy cow that's so soon!!


Marathon Monday Week 7

Dang I just realized I've been doing this 7 weeks and I haven't got too far with my miles. I have got my endurance up quite a bit so thats good. Twice this week I ran for 30 min without stopping. I've never done that before now!

If you read my last post you probably think I'm really stupid and over reacting about eating not so good for a few days. And really I probably was haha I was just in a weird mood and mad that I wasn't doing awesome. It did help to write it out though and I got back on track Saturday afternoon and have been back on track! Thanks everyone for your encouraging comments!

September 12th-18th

Monday 12th: Rest
Tuesday 13th: 2.90 miles 34:23
Wednesday 14th: 3.53 miles 42:16
Thursday 15th: Rest
Friday 16th: 2.80 miles 30:01 & upper body
Saturday 17th: 2.92 miles 30:10 & 1 hour yoga
Sunday 18th: 4.07 miles 47:03

Last night I went to RoadRunner Sports and got a new water bottle. I LOVE it! It has a little strap on it that goes on my hand so I don't really have to hold it when I run its just kind of on my palm. And its insulated which is awesome cause I was running with plastic water bottles that got so hot and gross in the middle of my run, and, and it has a little pocket that holds my i phone perfectly so I dont have to hold it in my other hand while I run!


Just 13 days till the 10k!!


Let's get real

I always talk about how good I've been able to do on my diets but I'm gonna get real here. I'm not doing so good this week. This really sucks to say/write out loud. But it's true. I don't seem to have any diet motivation. That doesn't mean that I'm stuffing my face and eating a lot of crap. I did have a day where I had a chicken biscuit from Chick-fil-A and then a crunchwrap supreem from Taco Bell. And then I was sick as crap the rest of the day(that was wed)

Let's start from the begining. I allow myself a freeday every 10 days or so when I start to plateau. My free day involves stuffing my face, after a long morning run of course. And then the next day I go back to my diet, and back to loosing weight. Well things didn't quite go as planned this week. I didn't stuff my face on Wednesday, I just had those things listed above, cause it turns out my body can't handle bad food, at all.

So I woke up Thursday, thought it was gonna be a good day. I had an apple for bfast. Then it went downhill when I had a granola bar and a brownie. Crap just screwed up my diet. And thats all I had for the whole day, then at night I had pizza. It's not like I'm eating a ton of bad stuff, not even a lot of food at all. I just don't have motivation to eat my diet food, or a lot of any food really. I NEED to get my motivation back and start eating good! Someone help me!!

Oh and if you're wondering how I did the rest of the days. I did good all day Friday until Friday night when I had a granola bar and some veggie chips and an otter pop. Crap ruined again!!

Then today I had an apple for bfast(I need to buy eggs) And then I went to movie and lunch with my mother in law this afternoon and I had a chicken sandwich at chick-fil-a. So here we go again, not going good dang it. But I really am going to try so hard the rest of the day and Sunday I WILL DO BETTER!! It's just so frustrating I feel like I'm failing so bad. I know I'm not eating a lot but I'm not eating a lot of good either. I just don't have motivation to eat anything really.

At least the one thing I can say is that I've still been working out hard. But really I just wanna cry right now. I don't get whats wrong with me these last few days. I wanna get out of it!!


I'll show you mine if you show me yours

I'm linking up with Asleigh from This lil Heart of Mine to do I'll show you my vlog is you show me yours!

Photobucket" border="0" />

It's pretty awkward. Be prepared.

Now everyone go link-up and do a vlog!

P.S. today is a super awesome day. Wanna know why? My lover comes home in 39 days!!! Holy freak were in the 30's!! Oh and Vampire Diaries Starts Tonight. Eeeekkk!!
Oh and remember that one time when I was like this is my 200th post! Well this is actually my 200th. I went through and deleted a lot of crap from my blog. I had about 10 posts about fist. No joke.


Wordless Wednesday: I love my dogs

These guys are mine





These are my parents/sisters




But really they might as well all be mine since I do most of the caring/training.

Oh and not so wordless. If you follow me on twitter(if not you should) you know I'm supposed to be working on my bio essay. Not blogging or watching an insane amount of You Tube music videos. I just can't focus!


The weekend

Remember how I said I went to California this weekend. Well, truth is I really didn't want to go too bad. All the girls in my family were going up for my cousins wedding and they made a girls trip out of it. I didn't wanna go cause I had quiz's to get done and honestly I'm just tired of going out of town so much. But it was a fun trip. As much as I just wanted to get back home the whole time haha I'm such a homebody. Oh and my sister flew into LA from NC for the wedding it was fun seeing her too. and the wedding was really nice

Here are some pictures of the trip. The wedding and then the next day we went to the beach




Also, a facebook friend just posted this. eeekkkk!!

Also again I made another photobucket comparison and it is really cracking me up how hideous I was in it.
Go ahead you may laugh.

Also, also I think I wanna try doing Marathon Monday as a link-up and see how that goes. But I am totally lost in the making of buttons. A button for the link-up, not the blog.
So if anyone knows how to do that business I would greatly appreciate some help!

Marathon Monday Week 6

Thanks everyone for all of your sweet and wonderful comments on my last post. I feel like I've been a little MIA this week. I went out of town again, I know I'm always gone. At least it feels like it to me. I went to California Saturday and Sunday. I'll put up some pictures of that trip later, but right now its marathon monday!

September 5th-11th

Monday 5th- 2.46 miles 26:02
Tuesday 6th- 3.02 miles 31:00
Wednesday 7th- 3.20 miles 35:00
Thursday 8th- 2.02 miles 21:05 & upper body
Friday 9th- 3.24 miles 39:50 & lower body
Saturday 10th- pool workout & 15 min yoga
Sunday 11th- 1,42 miles 16:50 & .75 mile jog on beach

Ok so question. What would everyone think of doing Marathon Monday as a weekly link-up? You could link-up any fitness or weight loss goals for the week.
So honest opinions. Stupid? Not? Yes? No?


True Life: I'm a Healthy Living Blogger

Today I'm linking up with Mrs. Monologues and Tara at fabulous but evil for their True Life link up! And yes That would be again. I guess I'm not just a general blogger haha

It seems pretty weird to call myself that but I guess that's kinda what this blog has transformed to.

You see I didn't always start out as a health living anything. Actually, I was a very unhealthy girl. All my life I have been overweight. When I was younger and the fattest girl of all my friends I basically hated life. I was so mad that all of my friends could eat whatever they want and be thin as poles. I tried dieting on and off in my life, tried so many diets but nothing ever stuck, it usually resulted in my putting a little more than before on.
I guess I was never really totally committed. But something this year just finally clicked for me. I needed make a change.

I started really committing to myself in the end or March of 2011 and things have been really going great. I became a fitness addict and really on top with a healthy diet. To date I am at 44 lb weight loss and have really never felt better in my life.

I know my face kills me in this picture too, but it's the closest thing I have to a recentish picture of my face


I'm currently training for my first race and I document all of my training on Marathon Monday. I also blog about my weigh in's workouts, hiking, my dogs, and also about adventures in being a military wife

I still have a long way to go. So come follow me on my blog as I blog about my journey in trying to live a healthy life and being an army wife and dog mom!



I'm feeling so crazy unmotivated about school. Online school is really hard for me this semester, I don't know why, I did good last semester. I'm taking BIO201 Anatomy and Physiology and MAT1o2. The first lesson in BIO I have to read 115 crazy long pages do a quiz with it and 2 labs. There is so much info in those 115 pages I don't know what to take in for the quiz and know what to study for. So I'm kinda stressing about that. I don't wanna start math yet because my dumb math professor still hasn't emailed me back. I sent her 2 emails, one yesterday morning and one on Monday morning asking if I can take the final with a proctor cause it says the final needs to be taken in person, but I wont be here during the final! Grrrr!!

But on a happier note, I went into the doctor today and had some very surprising results. Let me start out by saying after I got back from Powell I stepped on the scale the next day to find out I gain over 3 lbs! Oops. So I wasn't expecting awesome results, but I went in today and I lost 6 lbs since my last appointment! Woot!!
I'm all about being motivated with working out and dieting but I need to somehow find that same motivation for school. Ahhhh someone help me!


Powell Videos!!

This girl is so amazing!! She made more incredible videos!

I love my family so much, this trip was so much fun. I wish everyone could have made it this year. But since this will be a yearly family reunion I hope everyone can make it next year. You have no idea how much I hope my husband can come next year. I missed him so much this trip. Seriously, nothing would have been better than having him there.

Here are the videos!

oh i love them. I wanna go back now!


Marathon Monday Week 5

I wanted to switch it up in the way I'm training this week. Which may or may not have been the best idea. I usually have a set miles I run and when I say run I don't mean run the whole time. I usually do more interval training run 4-7 min walk 1. But this week I wanted to try seeing how far I can run run.

August 29th-September 4th

Monday 29th. Upper body
Tuesday 30th. 1.50 miles 15:00
Wednesday 31st 1.60 miles 15:40
Thursday 1st 1.56 miles 15:27
Friday 2nd 3 hour hike
Saturday 3rd 1.70 miles 17:47 & different strength training
Sunday 4th .75 miles & 15 min on trampoline

I think I'm gonna go back to interval training tomorrow because I really need to start getting my miles up. Only 25 days till 10k!!

Thank you to everyone for your sweet comments on my last post! I really appreciate it!


I promise I'm not that vain

I'm just really fascinated about this haha

The first picture is me hiking end of Feb/begining of March of 2011
And the second is me hiking today.

Just 6 months! With a loss of 43 lbs! Wahoo!
I hope that by the end of this month I'll hit my big 50!


Just wanted to share some pictures from my hike this morning. Its was so beautiful












I took sooo many but only put a few up. I love doing this hike, it was my 3rd time. lovely, but now I am hecka sore


September!! & goodnight moon link up

Can you guys believe it's September already! We are officially in the last full month we have to go until my husband comes home!! I say last full cause we still have a lot of October but not ALL of October haha. But seriously I am so excited!!

Now onto the Link-Up with Goodnight Moon!

Since I'll all missin my man so much and whatever I thought I would pick this song cause it basically sums up my feelings for him. Like really ever part of it. Especially the very first part. Ok just the whole song. Love it.

I picked the acoustic version cause A. I like it better. and B. the official music video gives me a headache.. just too much going on.

I can't believe how blessed I am to have him as a husband. I really don't talk about my feelings about him and everything I wanna say about him on here cause I can never quite express how wonderful he really is to me. And lets be real, I probably just sound stupid going on and on about this haha

Anyway thats enough sap for tonight. Happy September everyone! One more month down!!