I'm feeling so crazy unmotivated about school. Online school is really hard for me this semester, I don't know why, I did good last semester. I'm taking BIO201 Anatomy and Physiology and MAT1o2. The first lesson in BIO I have to read 115 crazy long pages do a quiz with it and 2 labs. There is so much info in those 115 pages I don't know what to take in for the quiz and know what to study for. So I'm kinda stressing about that. I don't wanna start math yet because my dumb math professor still hasn't emailed me back. I sent her 2 emails, one yesterday morning and one on Monday morning asking if I can take the final with a proctor cause it says the final needs to be taken in person, but I wont be here during the final! Grrrr!!

But on a happier note, I went into the doctor today and had some very surprising results. Let me start out by saying after I got back from Powell I stepped on the scale the next day to find out I gain over 3 lbs! Oops. So I wasn't expecting awesome results, but I went in today and I lost 6 lbs since my last appointment! Woot!!
I'm all about being motivated with working out and dieting but I need to somehow find that same motivation for school. Ahhhh someone help me!


Sasha :) said...

good job on losing those pounds!! As always!

I'm sure you will get it work with school. It's always hard to start and then it will go smooth!

Raquel said...

Ugh my bio class KILLED me! I hated it so much, and it was so much work!

Fran said...

Don't try to tackle all the pages at once, you'll get burnt out fast... just do 20-ish at a time... I usually read through a page/small section and then take quick notes on that - hope that helps :)

Also, good job on the weight loss!