Biggest Loser?

I've been thinking a lot(by a lot I mean this morning) That it would be so much fun to do a biggest loser throughout the blogosphere!
I know a lot of people are working on their fitness goals on their own, and I think it would be fun to do it together and encourage each other. We'll do weekly weigh in's and so it's fair we do it like the biggest loser does it and count weight percent lost, not just pounds. Everyone can put in maybe 5-10$ and the big winner would get the money at the end.
Who would all be interested in this? And if you are interested, would you wanna do an 8-10 week challenge before the new year for those of us that wanted to lose weight for their 2011 New Years Resolutions? Or would you wanna do 8-10 weeks after the New Year?
I've always wanted to do this and I hope other people do to! If you do want to do it pass it along to your blog to so we can get as many people as possible doing this!


nichole said...

ohh i'd be interested for sure. i NEED some motivation. and my vote would be right away, to help steer clear of the holiday weight gain! but after sure would be fun too.

Carly Ann said...

Oh, I would be SO down to do an online version of BL!! I don't have a ton of support/motivation in my everyday life, so it would be great to get the support of some blog friends!! I wouldn't mind doing it before OR after the holidays. Before might be good because it would motivate people to avoid the holiday binge :)

Fran said...

I would be interested in something, for sure! I need some motivation, asap.