Squaw Peak

I went hiking today with my best friend Michelle. It was such a nice day, fall finally happened here, it's only a high of 85. Lovely. The hike was good, This was Michelle's first time going so we stopped a lot at first but then half way through I went on without her. I hate doing that but she insisted. So I race up to the top real quick and ran down and met her. The I jogged most the way down. I remember when I used to do this I could barely do it. I felt like I was gonna die when I finished. But it's actually a pretty easy hike and I did it pretty quick. It felt so good to not be out of breath at all and be able to do it so good.


I love hiking in this weather. I think I'm gonna be going again on Friday maybe.


Emma Frances said...

I need to hike more so that I can get to the point where I'm not stopping every two seconds!

e@thisnotedlife said...

beautiful! i miss hiking - we're currently living in a place with very limited hiking spots :-/