The Bad and the Good

Don't you hate that feeling of getting sick, and you know there is nothing you can do to stop it. I know I do. I woke up this morning coughing like crazy, then I was fine the rest of the day, now all night it hurts so bad to swallow and I've been coughing a ton again. What sucks the worst is I take ample vitamin C everyday, as in like a couple chew-able tablets and airborne. So how I am I not invincible to a cold? For reals.

Know what I do like? Losing weight. Especially being able to tell I'm losing weight without the scale telling you. Does anyone have a certain body part they have that gives you then first sign of you losing weight. Mine is my collarbone. Is that weird? I'm first able to tell I'm losing weight when my collarbone starts showing through. Well that, then my face stats slimming down. I like that one, know what I don't like that starts getting smaller, my boobs, which always happens before my stomach or legs. Like what the H!? I want those to stay, not my stomach or legs. So dumb I tell ya.

Have you noticed I failed at doing that 30 day photo challenge? Cause I definitely did. Oh well, it was fun the first 2 days I suppose. I also suppose I could catch up since I'm only 2 days behind. But I really don't feel like it

Also one last thing. I changed my mind about where I want us to get stationed next.

1. Augusta, GA

And since I want that one sooooo bad I'll just leave it with my one choice. GA. Ohhh please let us go there!

Also, wowo! I just realized it's 1 am! Why Am I still awake? I have a 9:45 boot camp conditioning class at the gym tomorrow. Doesn't sound so early now, but if I stay up any later it will


Our Video

When Alex and I had our wedding ceremony back in August(not wedding in December) my best friend made a video that was played at our reception.
I can't tell you how many times I've watched this with Alex being gone, it cheers me up a little whenever I'm sad.
I wanted to put this up for our family and friends who didn't get to see it but wanted to. Now warning, it's pretty long haha. So if you don't have an extra 25 min, don't watch it.
But for all those that wanted to see it, here it is.


Day 2

Day 2. A picture of you and the person you have been closest with the longest.

It would obviously be these two cause ya know, they birthed me. So they've known me for a good 21+ years.
That's my mom Heidi and my dad Ben. Love them much.


Day 1

I decided I wanna do the 30 day photo challenge.

I might not do everyday so I can stretch it out a bit though haha

So here it goes

DAY 1: A picture of yourself with 10 facts.

1. I'm 21
2. I hate the sound of blinkers. I will try to avoid using one as long as its not totally rude to other drivers.
3. My favorite smell is orange blossoms.
4. I love everything to do with water and water sports.
5. I've owned 4 cars in the 5ish years I've been driving
6. Spring, more importantly April, is my favorite time of year.
7. My husband is the nicest, sweetest, and funniest guy you will ever meet. True story. Ask anyone
8. I have 2 adorable dogs. And they are kind of obsessed with me.
9. I love learning and school but I'm awful at taking test which makes it look like I hate school.
10. The story of how me and my husband met is the best love story. I suppose that's more of an opinion though. But more on that in about 2 weeks. (but really it is. haha)

Something New

I've been working really hard lately, working out a ton, and eating good, trying to loose weight. I think it would be good if I started tracking my progress on here, just so I can keep track, and be accountable to everyone haha don't wanna embarrass myself. It's really hard for me to just weigh myself every week cause there is a scale right there in the bathroom. It's right there! It's like I just gotta weight! hahaha so instead of every week I'll weigh twice a week, or three time, haven't really decided yet haha.

Today marks 14 days I've been going at it, and I'm down 13 pounds.

Side note to all of this. I have been watching Storage Wars and Auction Kings like it's going out of style. Now all I wanna do is go to an auction. Actually I wanna go to Gallery 63 in Atlanta, or a storage unit auction. Especially Gallery 63.

Side note number 2. I have come up with a list of the places I would like to be stationed come this October. The list goes as such.

1. Germany(big fingers cross!)
2. Augusta(I know, I'm a fool, but I love it!)
3. Hawaii(island life, ahh)
4. Alaska(so beautiful)
5.Sierra Vista(home sweet home, well sort of, 2.5 hours away)

Hopefully finding out next month! Yay!


Getting Harder

and if you said "that's what she said" before you opened this, then we can be friends.

I've been holding together real well the last 2 months, like perfectly in public. I hate showing people I'm sad. But right now I feel like I just need to let it out.
This week has been really hard. One because I've talk to Alex twice in the last week for about 10 min each. They had to limit the bandwidth in Korea for the relief in Japan. So Alex hasn't had internets. I guess another reason it's been hard is because it really hit me that we have a lot longer to go. Seven months to be exact, and I know it could be worse, but still, it sucks.
I'm just really hoping this feeling doesn't hang around long. I've cried a lot this week, and I'm just tired of feeling this way. I just want my husband back.
I'm living at my parents right now, and I'm so grateful that we get to save this money, and my family is great, no complaints here. I know it's stupid but I just want to be on my own. I loved living in August, and being on my own(mostly haha) and just having my own space. I want that right now so bad!

I'm trying to keep myself so busy. I'm going to school and that takes up a good amount of time. I've been going to gym incessantly, at least once usually twice a day. Been hiking with the dogs. I've lost 12 pounds so far, and have x amount to go (it's a lot so let's not even try to guess)but I'm gettin there! My bones and muscles seriously hurt so bad from how much I'm working out.

I just realized I'm rambling a lot. But what I'm trying to say is, i don't like hibernate in my room and act depressed. I'm always out and cheery and doing everything to stay busy and happy. Yet I can't seem to shake this stupid funk.
Gahhh I just miss my husband

Any suggestions about what else I can do?


The Right Way to Write

Hi. I'm currently being distracted from writing my 4 page essay on art history right now. I finished a little less than a page then decided to over to my aunts house right next door to chat with everyone out front. I mentioned to them how I hate when I write cause the bump on my ring finger hurts where the pen lays. They then informed me that they have a bump too but it's on their middle finger. So all of us were going around and showing how we wrote, turns out about half of us write like this

my hand

and the other half write like this

my moms hand

I am so curious cause I though I wrote the same as everyone else me whole life. Now I have to know, which way is right? How do you write?



Well I'm back from California, where I regretable didn't take any pictures, except for a few iphone photos. But my cousin Chelsea took hundres of pictures so we're good.


Disneyland was way fun, I had a good time hanging out with some cousins. I don't think I could have laughed anymore on that trip than I did.



My sister is so dumb. She decided it would be fun to not wear her seatbelt on Tower of Terror. And flew up and slamed her head on the ceiling and came down and landed hard on her elbow. Like seriously who does that?! Haha my sister. She's a fool.

P.S. The Soup on E is seriously the funniest show ever. I really can't get enough of it, I wish it was on like everyday. Just had to through that out there haha



Early tomorrow morning I will be headed to the happiest place on earth!


That's right D-Land with some of my cousins and my sister! So excited!

But it will be a little weird cause the last 4 times I've gone its been with that guy up there^.
I miss him!


No Bueno

I'm sure everyone has heard of this by now

I'm just hoping it doesn't have to come to that.

We're lucky to not have rent to pay with me living at my parents right now, I just can't image how this will effect everyone who's living paycheck to paycheck



I went to my sister's softball game yesterday, and I just thought I would let everyone know what a rockstar my sister Maranda is.


She is really awesome. Now you may be thinking all right, I play softball, so what's the big deal with her.

Well she does stuff like this that gets her set to the hospital. Thats what you get for longboarding down an insanely steep hill.

Also one time while she was surfing, she got her whole bottom row of teeth knocked down at the back of her mouth. That was sad cause she had just got her braces off then had to have them on for another year and a half.

But here's the thing that I think makes her the biggest rockstar.

She's on a really tall cliff.


Ya my sister is a rockstar.


Aside from all this I just wanted to say reason #237 why I love my husband.
Anytime I hear on the news about crazy N.Korea almost starting up the war again. I get on to message him to see if all is well, and I already have a message waiting for me saying everything is good.
Like early this morning for instance, I heard the news about Japan and I quickly jumped on facebook to send a message to Alex to see if he was ok. And lo and behold, there was a message waiting for me saying everything in Korea was ok, no tsunami there.
I love that he knows I'm gonna worry so he's always considerate enough to send me a message. I love him. I'm glad Korea is unharmed. My thoughts and prayers go out to those in Japan who were.



Family Day/BCT Graduation





Crazy that was just a year ago today.



February was a busy busy month. I started working at my dream job, then a week later had to quit. They told me when I interviewed, after I was done training I would be going to their other location, and they told me what street it was on but I had no idea where that was..found out it was in Avondale. Which is an 80 mile round trip from my house. And with gases prices being right not 3.35 and me driving a V8 Jeep, that was just not gonna work. So I quit there and they were really understanding and game me 4 Mesa hospital locations to call because they are pretty sure they were hiring and to say they recommended me. I'm hoping they are hiring!

On February 18th at like 1:30 in the morning my best friend Michelle went into labor! I got down to the hospital at like 2:30, and she had a baby boy at 4:30! It was such a cool experience to be there, I'm so glad she invited me to be there! I even got to cut the cord!

Rylan James

Then a few hours later my other friend went into the hospital to be induced and has her baby a few hours later!

Ashton Morrell

Both the cute boys.

On February 24 my parents celebrated their 27th Anniversary


The day before my dad set up a surprise luncheon for my mom at favorite place, It was really fun! The whole back patio got decorated and the employees were really great about us having it there. They set up free chips and dips at the tables, gave us free drink for everyone, and free deserts!


I also started school in February and it's going great! I'm getting good grades and I'm actually doing really awesome having online classes. I totally thought I was gonna be really bad about remember to do the work but I'm actually getting things done way ahead of schedule. Which is a very good thing because in 10 days I'm going to Disneyland with my sister and some of my cousins!! I'm so excited!!!