February was a busy busy month. I started working at my dream job, then a week later had to quit. They told me when I interviewed, after I was done training I would be going to their other location, and they told me what street it was on but I had no idea where that was..found out it was in Avondale. Which is an 80 mile round trip from my house. And with gases prices being right not 3.35 and me driving a V8 Jeep, that was just not gonna work. So I quit there and they were really understanding and game me 4 Mesa hospital locations to call because they are pretty sure they were hiring and to say they recommended me. I'm hoping they are hiring!

On February 18th at like 1:30 in the morning my best friend Michelle went into labor! I got down to the hospital at like 2:30, and she had a baby boy at 4:30! It was such a cool experience to be there, I'm so glad she invited me to be there! I even got to cut the cord!

Rylan James

Then a few hours later my other friend went into the hospital to be induced and has her baby a few hours later!

Ashton Morrell

Both the cute boys.

On February 24 my parents celebrated their 27th Anniversary


The day before my dad set up a surprise luncheon for my mom at favorite place, It was really fun! The whole back patio got decorated and the employees were really great about us having it there. They set up free chips and dips at the tables, gave us free drink for everyone, and free deserts!


I also started school in February and it's going great! I'm getting good grades and I'm actually doing really awesome having online classes. I totally thought I was gonna be really bad about remember to do the work but I'm actually getting things done way ahead of schedule. Which is a very good thing because in 10 days I'm going to Disneyland with my sister and some of my cousins!! I'm so excited!!!


Michelle K said...

What?!? I wanna go to Disneyland!! Man, why did I just have a baby? Haha.

Melinda said...

Thats pretty cool that both your friends had their babys on the same day. And that you got to be there with one of them :) how fun!!! And fun for Disneyland. We are taking the kids there in 2 or 3 years. Most likely when Allie is 4 so - 2 years :) Looks like your having a good time.

Nancy Face said...

Cute, cute babies!

Hooray for the anniversary!