I'm On Board

Ya know, with the Valentines Day post.

I love Valentines Day. I don't know why people always have to be so cynical about it. Even if you're not with someone at the moment. It's just a happy day!

My love for Valentines Day started early in Elementary school. When you made awesome mailboxes out of shoe boxes and decorated them all pretty. Then you got go buy awesome cards at the store and send one to everyone. I loved going around on V-day putting all of the cards in the mailboxes. It was like delivering presents at Christmas, I loved it!

Now you can imagine my shock and hurt when I told Alex about this love, and he told me he hated it cause he didn't get any cards! What?! WHAT?! Seriously what school did this kid go to?! The teachers are supposed to make list so everyone gets one! Made me sad :(

But anyway on to this


I'll cut the sap short, but I have to say, I hate to be cliche but really I'm so happy I married my best friend. I loves him so much :)

Also. Happy Birthday to the best state in union. ARIZONA!! 99 Years! Next year will be the big 100! Party! I love me some Arizona!


Christine Jain said...

This is so sweet. Gah. You two are the cutest ever. I'm glad that you found something awesome to do while you two are apart, though.

Nancy Face said...

That is a great picture of you two!

I always loved Valentine's Day for the same reasons, for myself AND for my kids! I can't even imagine how Alex didn't get any cards - sadness! :(