Didn't even realize

How late it was. I oddly don't feel tired at all, which is weird cause I got up pretty early.
But I guess I don't mind staying up this late, the only I have to do tomorrow is work on my essay and go to the gym. I know, thrilling Saturday.
What, you might ask, am I doing up so late? Well I will show you!

Making countdown chains of course. Exciting, no? The blue one is the amount of days till leave. 58
And the 2 muli-colored ones are for when he goes back from leave, and then comes home. 105.

I'm cuddling with my two babies, like always

watching this lovely movie. The Princess and the Frog.

And not too mention the best part of the night. Skyped with my husband for about 45 min. Oh loves him

And that would basically be my Friday night in a nutshell. Good times.

P.S. I love Arizona
While everyone else is complaining about the "unusually long winter" and bad weather, we are basking in the sunshine here and swimming. One of the many reasons why I love my state.

P.P.S. I scored my highest scoring word the other day on WWF
I was happy happy!

And that is all. Hope everyone is having a good weekend!



Alex's leave dates are set and planes are booked! Yay so excited! And they are for the original dates we had planned out, I supposed I worried for nothing haha.

I'm gonna have so much fun booking our hotels for our trips to Utah and California. And planning what we're gonna do for our "honeymoon" in California for 5 days! I'll start booking everything tomorrow!

He'll be flying into PHX, be there for 10 days. Then road trip up to Utah and be there for 4 days. Then off to California for 5 days. Then he'll fly out of LAX to Korea. Then off I'll drive back to Arizona. Road trips are seriously my favorite thing ever, oh and Alex, duh. So really this is gonna be the best two and a half weeks ever!! Can't wait!!


Of course, after I was so happy.

Last night about half hour after I posted all that happy crap, I see on Alex's facebook that his leave got denied. Awesome right so I called him. First off he turned his leave papers in 3 weeks ago, yesterday they just got put through. Then they get denied because they have a training exercise around those dates. This is just super awesome considering my brother planned his wedding around his leave dates.

I know I shouldn't have been so upset, I'm sure he'll be able to be home close to the same dates, I hope. But I lost it. Not on the phone, ya know right after I hung up. I am just so freaking tired of NOTHING going right. Like literally NOTHING!! In the just under year and a half I can list about 10 pretty big things that we have totally been screwed over on. I really just don't get how people can have this bad of luck. And I think I've held it together pretty well, that was just the straw that broke my back.

I hopped in my car at 2:30 am and off I went for a drive. I grabbed my Ipod, turned my on my favorite band, went to one of my favorite places to grab my favorite drink and let healing begin. I rolled down my windows, blasted my music, cried a little, and drove a lot. I got back home at about 4, and went to bed at about 4:30. I know gas prices are pretty high right now, but that 5-10 dollars in gas is WELL worth my sanity. Driving, music and soda is my favorite therapy.

Things I'm Loving

This last week my brother, his fiancée, and my cousin came to visit from Utah, which would be the reason why I haven't posted in a week. Things this week have been gooood so I'm name some things I'm love

  • I'm loving Yoga with Bob Harper I love Biggest Loser it's one of my favorite shows ever. I especially love workout DVD's from the trainers. This was my first time trying yoga and it was awesome! I'm hooked!
  • I'm loving my super shiny ring. I went to the mall with Dustin and Ashley to look and rings and the people at the Jewlery store offered to clean my ring! Please ignore my gross hands. It doesn't help that its enlarged.


  • I'm loving that I'm getting tan again, not loving that my chest is fried, and just my chest.
  • I'm loving that school is almost over! I'm starting to loose focus this far into it haha
  • I'm loving my brothers choice of wife haha. He picked a good one! Love her! Love them
  • I'm loving tonights episode of The Office. I definitely cried when they started singing. I'm not ready for Steve Carell to leave booo!
  • I'm loving that me and my cousin Chelsea are talking about going abroad in May! Just haven't figured out the country yet!
  • I'm SUPER loving that Taxes are mostly done, besides extension people. I've talked to Alex so much more just this week then the last lot of weeks because he has been so busy with taxes. And I'm loving what we've been talking about. Getting plans figured out for leave and talking about when he's done with Korea!
  • I'm loving that he's done with Korea in SIX MONTHS!
  • And lastly, I'm loving that in just 2 months Alex goes on leave!!



Today is mine and Alex's 4 year anniversary of our first date.

I got the best surprise today. Alex sent me flowers with the sweetest thing on the card

I was so thrilled! Really didn't expect anything. I love him so much
I can't believe it's been 4 years, at the same time it feels like it should be so much longer
In case you didn't see the the story of how we met, you can find it here

I can't stand how much I've been missing him lately. I've been fairly ok up until just recently. I hate how sad I feel, I miss how much fun we have together, and just everything about him.

Just about 2 months and some odd days till he comes back for mid tour leave! We've already been planning what we're gonna do and I can't wait! He's flying into California and I'm gonna drive there about a day before. Then we're gonna stay in Cali and do Knotts Berry Farm, and a couple days at the beach. Then we're gonna go to Las Vegas for a day. After that we're going to Utah for my brothers wedding. Which P.S. he just got engaged about a week or so ago, so excited for him! He's coming into town with my cousin tomorrow so we can meet his fiancée, so excited to meet her! Then after a few days in Utah, we'll go to Arizona for the rest of the time!

The best part is after he goes back from mid tour leave we only have 3 months till we're FINALLY together full time!! We've already done 3 now, so just have one more of these after leave.

Gosh dang I miss him!

And P.S. This is my 150th post!


Weight loss update.

I pushed it so hard this week. I've been going to the gym the last couple weeks twice a day, and doing Jillian Michael's 30 day shred. I ate good all week, even the weekend I was spot on, which that is the first time in well...a longgg time I've been good on the weekend. I don't know my but Friday comes along and I just start craving crap. But so far this weekend I've been great, and I know I'll be good tomorrow.
Although I was so good this week I was dreading weighing, not because I wasn't good, but because I'm on my period, and everyone knows you weigh more on your period. But I decided to bite the bullet and weigh.

I lost 4lbs this week and have officially lost 20 lbs!

I still have a lot more to go, but I'm gettin there!
Just gotta keep telling myself one pound at a time.


April 7th 2007

One year I'll stop posting this story. But it's not this year. I usually post it when we consider our anniversary, which is April 13th, but we actually met on the 7th, so I'm doin it today!

April 2007, I was 17 and working at the PacSun at Fiesta Mall in Mesa. At the same time Alex was 18, and working In GNC at Arizona Mills Mall in Tempe. Whenever I worked I always went into GNC to get a drink on my break. April 7th, I was working and I went in to get a drink on y break and there was this really cute guy there. I got my drink and we talked at the register for like 5 min, but I had to get back to work cause I only had a ten min break. I went back to work, but I had a hard time working, I couldn't get my mind off of him, so I asked my boss if I could go grab something real quick and she said yes, so off I went back to GNC. I got there and I had no idea what to ask for. So I just said the first thing that came to my mind which for some reason was a knee brace. Haha I have no idea why, but I asked if he happened to have a knee brace, and he said, "no but maybe you can try Sears". Off I scurried, defeated.

Little did I know later that night he got home from closing and had this conversation with his mom.
A. "Mom I met a girl today"
M." Really, whats her name?"
A. "I don't know." (no we didn't even exchange names)
M."Well where did you met her?"
A. "Then mall, I think she was working"
(Alex's mom thought this was weird because he never really talked to her about girls he like or girlfriends) So she said
M."you need to go find her"

And he listened to his mom, and off he went to find me. He kind of looked around the parking lot a little to see if I happened to be out there, but I wasn't so he went home.
Then next 4 days he went to every store in the mall trying to discribe me to people cause he didn't know what my name was or where I worked. Finally on Thursday he was gonna give up and he went to GNC, and the guy that was usually there when I went to get my drinks was there. He told him why he was at the mall, and discribed me to him. And then the guy said, "oh hey, I know her, she works at PacSun." Off Alex went to PacSun.
When he got there my boss was there, and he started discibing me and she said, "oh sasha, ya she works here" Then he asked my number and she asked if he was a stalker. Then he said, "well kind of, but in a good way!" He couldn't get my number, but he left his number for me. Later that day I called to see if I had to work that day. And this is my conversation with my boss.
S. "Hey do I work today"
B. "No, you don't, but remember that guy you were talking about at GNC"
S."ya, what about him"
B. "He came looking for you today"
S."Ha, ya whatever, jerk"
B."No, I'm serious he left you his number!"

After a little bit of convincing I flipped out! And I mean seriously flipped! So I called him, he didn't answer at first cause he was in class, but I left a message, then later that night he called me back and asked me out for the next day. Which was April 13, 2007.

It's so crazy to think how we started out and where we are now, I would have never though we would end up married! I'm so happy he tracked me down stalked style 4 years ago today. I'm more in love with him everyday, and could really never ask for a more amazing husband and best friend.

our first picture together :) haha


I am alive

Remember when I posted about how I felt like I was getting sick? Ya, I didn't realize how sick I really was getting. I woke up Wednesday and felt like death. I spent the whole day in bed with fever and chills and head cold. I was sick up until Sunday, but luckily only the cold lasted till then. The worst part of this sickness is that my brother was in town Tuesday night-Sunday morning. I felt so bad that I just so happened to be lame and sick the whole time he was here. Not only was I sick, but I was so sore, I was literally waddling everywhere. It sucked big time.

But alas, I am here and alive! Still getting over this dang cold, and coughing up more mucus then I thought could ever exist in me. Because I was sick this week, I didn't work out as much as I would regularly have done, so I only lost 2 lbs, which makes total weight loss, 16lbs. Not bad, but this week is gonna be tons better. Today I went to the gym twice and did my Jillian Michaels 30 day shred. I'm on day 3 of that and luckily it's getting better. The first 2 days sucked! So hopefully I can get a good weight loss week. And I am only going to be weighing on Thursday.