Of course, after I was so happy.

Last night about half hour after I posted all that happy crap, I see on Alex's facebook that his leave got denied. Awesome right so I called him. First off he turned his leave papers in 3 weeks ago, yesterday they just got put through. Then they get denied because they have a training exercise around those dates. This is just super awesome considering my brother planned his wedding around his leave dates.

I know I shouldn't have been so upset, I'm sure he'll be able to be home close to the same dates, I hope. But I lost it. Not on the phone, ya know right after I hung up. I am just so freaking tired of NOTHING going right. Like literally NOTHING!! In the just under year and a half I can list about 10 pretty big things that we have totally been screwed over on. I really just don't get how people can have this bad of luck. And I think I've held it together pretty well, that was just the straw that broke my back.

I hopped in my car at 2:30 am and off I went for a drive. I grabbed my Ipod, turned my on my favorite band, went to one of my favorite places to grab my favorite drink and let healing begin. I rolled down my windows, blasted my music, cried a little, and drove a lot. I got back home at about 4, and went to bed at about 4:30. I know gas prices are pretty high right now, but that 5-10 dollars in gas is WELL worth my sanity. Driving, music and soda is my favorite therapy.

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