Christmas, Cardinals, and Cinema

Christmas this year was lovely! We came out too look and see our stockings like this!

Razors!! How awesome is that! Gotta love a good scooter!

This is me...This is the level of excitement I had when I opened my iphone from Alex and my mom and dad!...Ya it was that intense

This is Alex opening the xbox 360 I got him

This is maranda opening her new longboard!

This is Dustin and Tanna not opening anything



Yep Christmas was very very good this year

For Christmas Alex and Zach(his brother)got Cardinals tickets from Joe(Alex's mom's boyfriend) They got one for themself and then one to bring a friend, and Alex brought me wahoo!! The seats were so awesome! It was row 29, 29 rows away from the field, it was so cool! So thats what we did on Sunday

On Christmas and on Saturday we went to the movies, on christmas we saw this one
It was a pretty good movie, but I think I fell asleep for maybe half an hour, but Im really not too sure how long it was, but beside missing that much it was pretty good.
On Saturday we saw this movie
Now tis movie was extremly long and extremly slow...but none the less it was really good. I will probably never see it again...unless I have a nice place to lay down and fall asleep during it, but Im glad I saw it once cause it was really good.

And that was my week. Oh and just a little note. See this guy here
Well after some thought(a day) I decided Chewy was too hard to have as a name, cause we have Churro, So I named him Mowgli from the Jungle Book, and that just wasnt working out either, but I did want a Jungle Book name, So now his name is and forever will be Bagheera!
The end


Death and a New Pal

My fish died last week...well 2 of them. One of them was my sucker who I never got to name. But he was awesome! When he died I put him in the toilet and then I noticed something...he looks really alive and freaky! So I decided to keep him in there because I new that my sister Tanna would be the first one to use the toilet in the morning. So I shut the toilet and put a sign on it.
I then woke up the next morning to terriried screams, and of coarse they were Tanna's. But I was just too tired to wake up and laugh at her for my high-sterical joke so I just chuckled and went back to sleep. But I found out this is what went down.
Tanna-AHHHHHH!!!! Mom there's something in the toilet!!
Mom-I know Sasha did it it's a joke!
Tanna-What is it!!!!
Mom-her dead fish
Tanna-AHHHH!!!! What do I do with it!!!?
Mom-flush it
The End
ps my awesome clown fish died :( sad I really liked him he got ich

But today I got a new puppy!! It was the best thing ever I saw an add up in the copy room of the elementry school when I was clocking out that said 7 puppys for sale 25 dollars each terrier/labs. So I thought..I NEEEEEDD ONE!
So I called her up the next day...today...and looked at the puppy I instantly fell in love with him. So I went to work which turned out to be the longest day ever! Drove over got my puppy, went back to work to show the kids, go to petsmart, then I went home to suprise everyone. I didnt even tell my mom cause I didnt want her to say no hahaha. But its ok cause she loves him! He is the cutest dog ever his name is Chewy, cause he looks like chubacha, and he is 7 weeks old!

But ya if anyone wants is looking for a way cute puppy for 25 bucks shots included let me know and I'll hook you up. The lady still has 6 left!


The day of rest

Sunday is the day of rest, and for the last three for me have not been.
When it came to church, it was always just alright for me, and lets just say I didnt mind faking sick to get out of it. But for the last 3 Sundays Denny's has had me work and week after week I tell them I cant work on Sundays. Yet they contiually scheduel me. Its really frustrating. But from not caring if I do go to church or not my attitude has now totally changed. I feel so upset every week that I cant go to church. I hate it!
Now I just went into work today and checked out the scheduel. Sure that I would get a Sunday off...But no. So Im going to call in tomorrow and say, "You listen here Dennys, I will not work Sundays! And if you got a problem with that I quit!!" I acctually think I'm gonna quit anyways.
But the point of this is, I feel so greatful for the opportunity to be able to go to church every sunday. Even though It's kinda sad I had to not go to realize how greatful I am. But I guess It's good I realize it now.


See This Place

It is nuts!!

Me and Alex went shopping this weekend at Scottsdale Fashion Square. Must say we felt so out of place! Everything is so ritzy and it is huge!!!! I was trying to find the most average looking store I could. Lke we went

and here

Oh and not to mention the p;ace we have to go to everytime we go to a mall...

But the place that this post is really about is here See this place here...It is so insanely huge!! We went to find Alex some cologne so we see lady scents so we go toward them...However they were not by the lady ones like they always are, So we wandered around forever!! I mentioned to Alex that I felt like I had walked around all of Fiesta Mall just in Dillards. But eventually we found it.

While we were walking around smelling all the smells goods, I saw this girl. She was around 20 or so and she was alone. She was practically hugging the wood pillar saying. "I know you're in there, come on just answer me!! Answer me now!! I know you are in there!!" It was very violent sounding as well as ver crazy sounding. It was so weird!! Strange strange girl she was.



Me and Alex went on a nice little date tonight. It was really fun we went and saw the temple lights and walked around for a bit and then we went to Red Robin. It was lovely

Hahahah we were practicing our funny faces turns out they are not funny...more like creppy kinda....Ok its a little funny but I look really really fat haha oh well

I must say sometimes the weirdest things are said as conversation between me and Alex. like tonight when we were at red robin alex was sitting across from me and he was waving his hands in front of his face in a circular motion and I was like whoa! Your hands look like 3-D!! And he was like hahaha I am 3-D hahahah. I kept trying to explain myself and it just didnt work hahaha.

Another one we went to qt out twice at least daily drink stop. And I got a hot chocolate for the first time this season and we got in the car and alex started talking about what songs I need to get. Then I went off and I said Know why I love these cups? Cause I feel like I'm drinking coffee and I feel really old and sophisticated. And then Alex laughed and said know what else you need? And I go OH A NEWSPAPER!!! hahaha and he said no i mean what other songs you need hahaha