Christmas, Cardinals, and Cinema

Christmas this year was lovely! We came out too look and see our stockings like this!

Razors!! How awesome is that! Gotta love a good scooter!

This is me...This is the level of excitement I had when I opened my iphone from Alex and my mom and dad!...Ya it was that intense

This is Alex opening the xbox 360 I got him

This is maranda opening her new longboard!

This is Dustin and Tanna not opening anything



Yep Christmas was very very good this year

For Christmas Alex and Zach(his brother)got Cardinals tickets from Joe(Alex's mom's boyfriend) They got one for themself and then one to bring a friend, and Alex brought me wahoo!! The seats were so awesome! It was row 29, 29 rows away from the field, it was so cool! So thats what we did on Sunday

On Christmas and on Saturday we went to the movies, on christmas we saw this one
It was a pretty good movie, but I think I fell asleep for maybe half an hour, but Im really not too sure how long it was, but beside missing that much it was pretty good.
On Saturday we saw this movie
Now tis movie was extremly long and extremly slow...but none the less it was really good. I will probably never see it again...unless I have a nice place to lay down and fall asleep during it, but Im glad I saw it once cause it was really good.

And that was my week. Oh and just a little note. See this guy here
Well after some thought(a day) I decided Chewy was too hard to have as a name, cause we have Churro, So I named him Mowgli from the Jungle Book, and that just wasnt working out either, but I did want a Jungle Book name, So now his name is and forever will be Bagheera!
The end


Nancy Face said...

The Razors are awesome! So is your expression! :D

How fun, getting to go to a Cardinals game! :)

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