I was pondering yesterday as I celebrated the new year about 2008. Looking back I believe I had a pretty good year.

January-Went to Idaho for the first time to see my cousins who just recently moved there. That was really fun we went about a week after new years.and if you're saying wow she looks really big...well I do cause to this day I was exactly 36 pounds heavier(I look like that in all the pictures till december)

February-Me and Alex took a trip to the North to play and in the snow and stop by Sedona and wonder around there

March-Can't really think of too much that happened

April-Me and Alex celebrated our year anniversary on the 13th!

May-Went to California with Alex and we went to my favorite place ever! Here!!! Love it

Graduated High School! Takes some serious skill to graduate from Westwood let me tell ya...

June-Went to Aspen, Colorado to be a nanny for these guys here...worst experience of my life. I was suppposed to stay all of summer but I lasted a month than ran away

When I got back I also got this pretty thang like a day after Alex's birthday on the 26th

July-Went to Sedona with my dad's side of the family...I didnt have to great of a time cause little did I know I had a really bad kidney infection that got me sent to here for 5 days

While my family did this to me

Soon after that me and Alex went to California. My whole family came up a few days later and we hung out with all the cousins at huntington beach for a few days. Then they left and we stayed for another week and we went to 6 flags which was sooo fun! And we also took a tour of Hollywood on a double decker bus!

August-Went boating a few times at the beginning of the month
Started school at MCC and work again...back to the real world

September-Went to the ward family yearly campout good times.

October-Went to the state fair for the first time and then at the end of the month my first carvival!!
Thought I need to get a new job...I did...and it sucked...but I got good money :)

November-Got addicted to fish tanks and aquariums

December-I turned 19 and quit my sucky second job!
An amazing Christmas
New Year Eve-had our annual party with our famous intese musical chairs
have to have a referee for

animal game, and Bear Bear Moose Moose. Grand time!
First picture of the new year!

Happy New Year Everyone!!


kevin said...

I loved this blog!!!!
By the way, I did the glove balloon thingy (Maranda helped)

Nancy Face said...

What a year you had! So many fun pictures! :)

I graduated from Westwood too...a long, LONG, L-O-N-G time ago! ;)

Happy New Year! :D

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Lauren said...

What an awesome year you had!

You look so beautiful!