A little sad

I was all excited that it's August. But I really didn't even think about what that meant.

I have been living in a tiny room, with most of my belongings in storage, in my parents house, without my husband, dying for my own space, with my husband, with our dogs, and with all of our stuff, for a whole year now. (yes that was an incredibly long run-on sentence)

And the saddest bit of all of this is I won't get any of that until November.
Yes, you read that right. 15 months.

New here? Confused? Here allow me to catch you up.

Alex left for BCT end of December 2009. He graduated middle of March 2010. I decided to join him at AIT, even though I wasn't on his orders cause it wasn't long enough. So I lived alone. He lived in the barracks. 10 weeks in he got to spend the night on weekends. Then at 19 weeks he graduated and I left back to Arizona to get ready for our big move to our first duty station, Korea. But week after week his orders kept getting messed up, and he couldn't leave Fort Gordon. Finally he got his orders in October. But they canceled command sponsorship to Korea, and I had to stay home, and Alex was off on an unaccompanied tour to Korea for a year.

About the time he comes home it will have almost been 2 years since we've really been together. Gahhh I still feel so bitter, I hate it.

It's really hard not too look in the now of things.
I know I just need to think we have the rest of our life to spend time together.
And looking back it will seem like nothing.
Sometimes it's just hard to see things that way, but I'm trying!

Just under 3 more months!

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Mr. and Mrs. Volheim said...

WOW! You are a very strong woman/wife! I was miserable during the 9 months my husband was in training. I don't even want to think about an unaccompanied tour. Here's hoping the rest of your time apart just flies right by!

Sasha :) said...

Stay strong!

Candace said...

Oh I feel your pain. Seriously. We are at then end of a year long deployment and it got extended by yet another month. I get this way too. It just gets old. Stay strong girly:)

MARLA said...


Emily said...

Oh my heart goes out to you, girl! Keep on keepin' on though and soon you'll be with your man again.
Much love! xx

Fran said...

Oof girl. Stay strong, I know you can do it. And if you ever feel like you can't, you have some awesome bloggy friends to help you through this :)