Weigh in Wednesday and What your song Thursday

Ya I know, no need to tell me Weigh in Wednesday was yesterday. But my doctors appointment was today. So is my next one in 4 weeks ps, in case you were wondering.

But on with todays numbers. I wasn't totally satisfied, but my doctor was amazed at how well I'm doing. So that game me a little more confidence about my numbers.

I lost 4 lbs since my last appointment.
But the cool part is, I got hooked up to the machine(she says the name every time, but every time I forget what it's called) and since the last time I was hooked up I have...

Lost 9lbs
Lost 13lbs of fat
Gone down 3 points on the BMI scales
And have lost of good percent of body fat or something. Ha I guess I should listen better in my appointments.

But after hearing that I'm pretty happy with where I am now.
She said that you should be loosing a pound a week and that is like normal/where I should be.
Butttt...By the time my next appointment comes around (4weeks) I wanna lose 10 lbs. Which may or may not be reasonable. Especially since I'll be on a house boat at Lake Powell for a week. But I'm gonna try my hardest to make that goal.

Now onto the Link up!

I was just really feeling these two songs today.
I can't decide between them, and I love them both, so here they are

Mumford and Sons


Erinn said...

I love mumford and sons. Both of these songs are on my running playlist and give me a lot of motivation to push through the boredom of running.
Great job on your weightloss! If the Dr. is impressed with you then you should be impressed with you too!

Goodnight moon said...

First of all, congrats on the weight loss! That is so awesome!!!!! I love Mumford and Sons! You can never go wrong with any of their songs! Great pick!!!!

Thanks for coming over to link up! Hope you had fun!

Sasha :) said...

congrats on the weight loss!!!