My newest goal

Thanks to facebook for putting this as an ad on my sidebar. I found a new goal to work for. Like I can't even tell you how excited for this I am, even more than I was about the half marathon.
Which by the way might not be happening cause it's a big possibility Alex will be doing Airborne then, he is supposed to be doing it shortly after he gets back so I'm not going to sign up till I know for sure if he'll be here or not.
But I showed this to the husband and he said it looks way fun. So hopefully if he is not deployed we will be doing this. Either way I AM doing it! I am going to make friends at Bragg and then force one of them to do it with me haha

Anyway without further ado here it is

I am going to do the Spartan Race Sooo excited!!

Oh big P.S. because I know your dying to see my bruised up legs I was talking about here it is


You can't see all of them but there are about 12. Its weird, it's like every time I look more seem to pop up haha


Fran said...

Oh man that race looks like so much fun! :)

Sacha....xoxo said...

oh gosh that race look scare to me... Be careful, dont get yourself injury and have a fun if you apply to do that race :D

Ouch your bruises! look painful xx

Mr. and Mrs. Volheim said...

There's one similar to that in FL called the Tough Mudder race my husband is been trying to talk me into doing. It looks fun, but i'm SO out of shape!! Good luck that would be awesome if you did it!

Candace said...

Oh goodness that race looks scary! I don't think I could do it. More power to you girl:)

Shelley said...

That actually looks fun, but your poor legs!

Amanda said...

So jealous! I have done the Warrior Dash & am signed up for a 5k one called RAMPAGE next month -but the Spartan isn't coming my way :0( Have fun!!

Courtney B said...

Ah how exciting!! I would LOVE to do this!! Can't wait to read about it :)
And oh my...your poor legs :(

Jessica said...

oh my goodness that race looks scarey! but yay! that is awesome!

Maria said...

When you get to Bragg I'll do it with you. Hopefully I won't be pregnant then :)