Marathon Monday Week 2

I can not believe how fast this week went by. Actually how fast time is going by altogether. Only 71 more days till my babe comes home! I can't wait to actually live with him for the first time in 20 months of marriage. It has been too long.

August 8th-13th

Monday 8th- 2 miles 20:26 1 hour yoga
Tuesday 9th- .48 mile 5:00 Upper body
Wednesday 10th- 3 miles 32:20
Thursday 11th- Rest
Friday 12th- 4 miles 44:30 45 min yoga
Saturday 13th- .60 mile to gym lower body .60 from gym

This week was alright. When I did the 4 mile on friday that was the like the farthest I have ever run at a time so far and so I just cared about finishing, not about time :/ I wanted an 11 min mile but I did a little over. Oh well I'll do better next time. But other than that I feel pretty good about my workouts.

Can't wait for this week though. I'm planning on doing a sunrise hike at camelback! If anyone is in the Phoenix area and wants to join let me know!

How is everyone one doing with their fitness/weight goals?


Tolman Family said...

Something that helped me when I was training (mostly when the distances got longer) I would do races. Even though you have to pay for them it really helped me because there are a lot of other people to help motivate and push you. Plus, I think they are a lot of fun the money goes to a good cause.

Michelle said...

You inspire me to get out and run!! You go girl!

Christine Marie said...

Girl, you're amazing. Shoot, you're inspiring me to try to start running. I'll be in Mesa for a week, we should totally be running buddies for a bit! Don't mind me if I stop 30 seconds into it, though, k?

Anonymous said...

4 miles! You go girl :)

A Creed and A Psalm said...

LOVE the new design!!!! Super cute! I can't see where the followers box is though :( Thanks for the words of encouragement on my page - it means so much!! Also love the pictures of your dogs - I know my dog has been the greatest friend I've ever had. Good luck with your marathon! I'd be thrilled if I could do a 5K.