Won't you Join me?

I was planning on waiting till next weeks marathon monday but I'm bored and wanna blog about this now.

I always run on the treadmill. I am fully capable of setting a pace and keeping it. Today I decided to run outside because I need to start REALLY training and knowing what it feels like and how well I do running outside. Let me tell you, it is soooo much harder! First of all, in case you haven't heard, AZ is HOT! I need to start waking up early, and I though 7:45 would be early enough. It was still 95 degrees, and half way through my run my water bottle got so hot it was disgusting drinking anymore water(still did, but it was gross). Its not only harder running in the elements, but it's also tougher to set a good pace when you don't really know how fast you are running. (even though I have the most awesome app in the history of ever, map my run.) My two mile time last week on the treadmill was 20:26. And today I did 2.35 miles is 27:00. thats an 11:37 mile. Yikes not so good. Seriously though, from now on I NEED to train outside because my first race is coming up soon!! Which brings me to the main topic of this post

I'm running my first 10k on October 1st!
I already have 1 maybe 2 people joining me, and I'm wondering if anyone else wants to.
I have been looking at doing a race before I do my half. And finally I found this one.
I'm all about this cause. And after reading the story I knew I had to do this one
So anyone is Phoenix wanna join me is this 10k?!
I'm really excited if you can't tell. Exactly 6 weeks till race day!!


Erinn said...

running outside is so different from running on a treadmill, I'll never go back to treadmill running! However, I can't imagine moving in 95 degree weather much less running in it. Good for you!

Mr. and Mrs. Volheim said...

It's the same here in Florida. It's over 100 by 10 a.m. and it has made running unbearable! I'm searching for motivation to do more than a mile a day! How do you do it?!

Joseph and Kimberly said...

The running I have done has always been outside. Since I don't want to a) wake up sleeping babies or 2) drag awake babies out in the redonk heat I run at night after bedtime. It's way better than morning heat and sun. I take suka with me, no one would want to mess with us cause he looks like a crazy dog. Definitely I prefer outside to treadmill though, I get too bored without the change of scenery. It's easier for me to push myself- go to the next light, now go to that street- I'm trying to get myself good for a potential race with you!!