Marathon Monday Week 1

I decided I'm gonna be doing marathon Monday while I'm doing my half marathon training, just to kind of keep track of my training.

August 1st-6th.

Monday 1st- 2 miles. 21:00
Tuesday 2nd- Rest
Wednesday 3rd- 2.5 miles 26:30
Thursday 4th- upper body. .53 miles run 5:00
Friday 5th- 3 miles 32:00
Saturday 6th- lower body. 15 min elliptical. .54 run 5:21

This week was alright. I was generally just going by my training schedule which doesn't have any strength or any other training. And I need to do other stuff every day as well as running. I felt awesome after my runs, but I want every day, every workout to feel like I'm killing it. And I just didn't feel that way this week.

I want my run times to remain under a 11 min mile because when race time come around I want no more than a 12 min mile, but my ultimate goal would be 11. We'll see how that goes.

Side note to this all. Last night I hid the scale in my bathroom under the counter. I had this really bad habit of weighing myself every time I went in the bathroom, and it was really stressing me out. I decided I'm only gonna weigh when I go into the doctor, and after first line therapy is over, I'm only going to weigh once every other week.

P.S. thanks everyone for your comments and suggestions from my last post! I decided I'm definitely gonna change the name(just the name, not the url). Brea at Utterly Chaotic Designs is doing the the design and I am so excited for the change!!

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