Weigh in Wednesday. Week, this doesn't count

Long time since a weigh in Wednesday. The whole month of July was nothin but vacations, which everyone knows is not a good time for dieting. I tried...some of the time..

But since my last appointment as of today I have lost 2 more lbs.
Butttt. I'm not counting this haha. I'm on my lady business today and I feel fatter than fat. Super bloated and Yucckk.

Thanks everyone so much for your nice words from my last post
Just reading that actually made me feel a lot more positive :)

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Michelle said...

2 pounds is awesome!! Congratulations!! You should still count them. Every single pound makes up the big picture!

Morghen K said...

I'm a new follower :) love your blog!! Very sweet!

Sasha :) said...

You are doing great! And i agree with Michelle--every single pound counts!!