New Kicks and Link up

My new NikeiD's came in today!! Yay! I am so loving them! They literally weigh probably 3 oz. They're supposed to feel like barefoot running, which I am trying to get into. A little while after these I'll get Five's then go to totally barefoot. But anyway. I love them! They're nike free run 3.0 if you're wondering





We had an awesome dust storm in the valley this evening. Which always makes for a beautiful sky.



Fun fact #352 about me: I literally go outside every night for at least 3 min just to look at the sky/sunset. Every night. Arizona sunsets are the best.

Moving on to Goodnight moon's link up!

I decided in honor of my new running shoes. I wanted to do my guaranteed get pumped running song, (actually ANY song by them will do the trick for me) I only listen to pandora when I run(well mostly) and anytime this song comes on I get so excited (and its usually the live version)

If anyone knows me, they know this is my number one all time favorite band, has been since I was in 9th grade. I've seen them live a few times and they are incredible!

So here it is LG FUAD by Motion City Soundtrack. (ps. the F is the F word so if you're super offended by profanity don't listen, doesn't say it a ton, but still)


Rosemary said...

Love the new design, and title! Those shoes look pretty amazing, especially since I lurve purple. I'm in need off a new pair of tennies.

tara said...

oooohh i love your new shoes!

Jessica Renee said...

Oooh I love your new shoes!!! I need some new ones and am definitely gonna look at these! :)

Fran said...

Love the shoes! I might have to try them out... mine are getting old. Great song, btw :)

iheartkiwi said...

I just bought the same shoes! They are so light... I can't imagine going back to a heavier shoe. It's like running on air.

Love the colors you picked!

Shea said...

Love your blog design! Brea just designed one for me and I'm so happy with it.

Nice shoes too...I'm debating on what kind of new running shoes to buy, but I can't decide!