That my boyfriend can't keep a straight face with a camera on him
Exibit A. No Thunder Mnt wasn't that scary, he's just weird
Exibit B. I'm sorry I cant even explain
Exibit 3. I almost think he'll make a regular face but then I turn and nope!
Exibit Last. Ya not too sure what was going on here at all.

But what can I say he's my boyfriend and I love him. I can't even show the many many pictures of his face. But trust me I have many many too.. The end


Cutest Candid Ever

I took this picture and I have decided it is th cutest candid picture ever, I love it

I love little Aymee!



We went to the midnight showing of Twilight and it was so fun!!! I loved the movie it was so good! It turns out if you go into the movie excited with low expectations you get an amazing movie!! I cant wait to see it again!

Me and Alex

Mom and Randa

Nick and Colee

Hilarius picture of Randa and Alex doing a puzzle. I guess Randa's eating

Cute picture of mom

Cute picture of tory. She just got back from a dance recital

Alex still hasn't read the book, but after the movie he said he deff is now! But having him not read the book here's our conversations like the whole movie

A-Why isnt he eating?
S-He's a vampire he drinks blood
A-Well then why isnt he drinking blood
S-Cause he doesnt need it very often
A-Thats not good for his metabolism.
S-hahahaha shhhh!!

A-What a jerk why is he being so mean? Does she smell bad
S-No She smells good and he wants to eat her...
A-Oh well thats not good

A-She got the golden onion!!! To a tune

A-Do they eat people?
S-No they're vegitarian vampires
A-Then what do they eat?
S-Animal blood
A-It looks like they're eating people
S-Those are the bad vampires

There was so much more than that I just cant remember it all it was so funny I was cracking up under my breath the whole movie


On Thursday the whole family went to a Roadrunners Hockey game and it was a blast! And when I say the whole family I mean the whole family, except Tanna and Jenny and Chris's fam. But I got no picture of Jayce boy :( sad
Me and Alex

Joe and Danielle

Me and Talya

Colee and Nick

My dad and Kevin

Joe and Kim

Marla and Paula...and my dad

Tory and Randa

Kyle and Aymee

Gaylene and Brayden

Mom and Dad

The game was so much fun and everyone would just all of a sudden yell fight fight!! And I loved it! But I just didnt think they really fought...I know my first game...then these two guys just start going at eachother and i was freakin out! They really fight!! And that happened like 3 or 4 times in the game. It was funny


BMX Maddness

Thursday at the Elementary school I work at these guys came and did BMXing cause the kids won a fundraiser thing and it was seriously the funnest thing ever it made my day! Now you may pass up the videos if you want but cause I know you love them as much as I do I'll put them up. But pass if you get bored...

Man seriously that was so much fun I loved that! And man were those guys good!!


Carnival Fun

Halloween night me and Alex went to the little carnival at Riverview and it was really fun. So I've never really been to a carnival just the state fair and so i've never experienced the carnival ride crazines. I have never ever got sick on a ride ever! I livee for roller coasters and rides but this were insanely intense! This one ride you go inside this thing and it spins and you're not stapped or anything and thats what the pictures are of well most of them. The first pictures are me and Alex on the ferris wheel. and The Rest are of That spinny ride. I have only felt the way i felt on that ride one time! And that was when I was going into the emergency room for my kidney infection! Thats how bad it was. I said I would never go on that ride again even if someone paid me it was that crazy! Oh and I threw up it! Gross I know

And best for last WE WON A FISH!!!! You guys have no idea how happy i was i got him!! Made my week!! His name is Bubba and he's the best!!!