We went to the midnight showing of Twilight and it was so fun!!! I loved the movie it was so good! It turns out if you go into the movie excited with low expectations you get an amazing movie!! I cant wait to see it again!

Me and Alex

Mom and Randa

Nick and Colee

Hilarius picture of Randa and Alex doing a puzzle. I guess Randa's eating

Cute picture of mom

Cute picture of tory. She just got back from a dance recital

Alex still hasn't read the book, but after the movie he said he deff is now! But having him not read the book here's our conversations like the whole movie

A-Why isnt he eating?
S-He's a vampire he drinks blood
A-Well then why isnt he drinking blood
S-Cause he doesnt need it very often
A-Thats not good for his metabolism.
S-hahahaha shhhh!!

A-What a jerk why is he being so mean? Does she smell bad
S-No She smells good and he wants to eat her...
A-Oh well thats not good

A-She got the golden onion!!! To a tune

A-Do they eat people?
S-No they're vegitarian vampires
A-Then what do they eat?
S-Animal blood
A-It looks like they're eating people
S-Those are the bad vampires

There was so much more than that I just cant remember it all it was so funny I was cracking up under my breath the whole movie


Me-chelle said...

woo hoo!~ yeah for twilight! hey, i just commented on your blog... cool.

Chelsea said...

yay!! i loved it too!!! so good but yeah it would have been so confusing for people who hadn't read the book ha ha thats so funny what alex said. oh and p.s. who is this boy with colee?? does she have a boy friend now???

Sasha said...

yes thats colee's boy...im not sure if she's aloud to call boyfriend or not but ya still the same. And serious I wish everyone could have heard what alex said during the whole movie it was so hilarias! Strange kid i tell ya

Marla said...

you twilight groupies r dorks.....but glad you all had fun

Lauren said...

You are too hilarious. Read the dad gum books silly!

Sasha said...

I know he better read the books now like he's been saying he would.