Carnival Fun

Halloween night me and Alex went to the little carnival at Riverview and it was really fun. So I've never really been to a carnival just the state fair and so i've never experienced the carnival ride crazines. I have never ever got sick on a ride ever! I livee for roller coasters and rides but this were insanely intense! This one ride you go inside this thing and it spins and you're not stapped or anything and thats what the pictures are of well most of them. The first pictures are me and Alex on the ferris wheel. and The Rest are of That spinny ride. I have only felt the way i felt on that ride one time! And that was when I was going into the emergency room for my kidney infection! Thats how bad it was. I said I would never go on that ride again even if someone paid me it was that crazy! Oh and I threw up it! Gross I know

And best for last WE WON A FISH!!!! You guys have no idea how happy i was i got him!! Made my week!! His name is Bubba and he's the best!!!

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Marla said...

i hte those kinda rides they make me sick....... you look like you had fun.