peacin out

Ok I feel super crappy for doing this, especially cause just a couple days ago I was all, "ahh I have internet! I get to blog again!" But now that I can blog, I realize I really have no interest whatsoever to blog. This is the first time in my married life living with my husband, and honestly I'm just loving every second of being with him. I no longer really wanna be on the computer all the time. That's not really the only reason, the biggest is I really just don't feel like having a blog any more, I wanna tone it done on the social networking. But this makes me sad cause I've met so many awesome people through this blog! I still might be around reading other peoples blogs but for now I'm gonna set this to private(in a few days)

But if anyone wants to add me on facebook or twitter feel free! It's over here to the side I believe << I'm gonna miss everyone! You guys have seriously been so awesome! Like seriously awesome, thanks everyone for all of your sweet comments and support!! I may be back, but for now I'm out.


I'm finally Back!!

We've been in our new home for a month and a half now. We have actively trying to get internet for 2 weeks now. Finally at 9am we got internet!! Which is a perfect birthday present! I'm excited to start getting caught up on all of my blogging which includes finally reading blogs again!

I'm gonna get this place cleaned up today and take a bunch of pictures of our house. This week is going to be a pretty busy one, but also a pretty great one! Today is my birthday, then tomorrow is our two year anniversary! Then Thursday and Friday Alex is taking off which gives us a 4 day weekend getaway! I'm so excited!

Be prepared for a LOT of posts!