I Am


And oh so excited!

It all started last week when me and Alex had a little talk last Sunday,(not 2 days ago but last week) Alex was saying to me how he wants to join the army, so he can have a good job, and he was telling me all the good benifits and all. I told him I thought that sounded like a good idea, and I wanted him to do whatever made him happy. But he said he wants to do all of this so we can get married, and make a good life for us.

So we were kind of talking about it the whole week, and by Wednesday we decided we were getting married, and By Friday we he basically asked me and we decided the date.

So Saturday comes along, and we go pick out a ring. Then go back to my house, and get ready to tell the family. We told my parents and they were so excited! And then we went around to all the family's and told everyone and text everyone. So fun!

Then today I went to pick up Alex, and I got out of the car, and Alex had my ring, and he got down on one knee and really proposed, it was quite romantical :)

SOOO Here's the deal! Alex leaves for basic training on Dec 29. That is 9 weeks. And He comes back in March for 2 weeks, and WERE GETTING MARRIED MARCH 13, 2010!!! But the sad thing is He leaves for Advanced training 2 days later, for 5 months :(. BUUTTT I haven't found out if I can go yet, were going by the recruiters office tomorrow morning to sort out all the specifics. But I know for sure that in at least 9 months we'll be living on a base somewhere on our on and I can't wait :)

But I'm so excited to be getting married!! I still cant believe it. I love Alex so much, and I can't wait to wake up everyday next to him! I'm so excited for where our life is gonna go, and I couldn't be happier than I am now :)

*our first picture together, over two and a half years ago*

*my ring :)*

please ignore the hideous nail polish


My weekend so far

This weekend I saw 3 movies in theaters, over the coarse of about 19-20 hours. Good Times, good times. On Friday night me and Alex went and saw,

The Fourth Kind

What to say about this movie? Well it was pretty freaky cause it had real legit scenes. Hard evidence to deny. But in the end did I walk away believing in aliens? No, no it didn't. Cause I have never believed or been scared of that. I just don't think that could ever really happen. But who knows.

Then this morning we went and saw couples retreat. (Yay for 5$ movies before noon!)

I loved this movie!! It was so hilarious and I loved Vince Vaughn's character. You never really see him like a lovey kind of character but he totally was in this. It was great! The ending was pretty precious and predictable to, which I don't hate.

Tonight I went with Alex, and his mom and saw,

The Men Who Stare at Goats.

Umm, not really sure what to say, parts were funny, and it had an interesting story line, but I was kinda confused a lot of the movie. Or maybe it was just a little weird. Ya that's probably it. It did involve a few scenes with guys on acid trips.

I just wanted to take this take this time to say how much I love my new job and having my weekends now! Oh and the job itself, its pretty nice, and excellent pay!