Our Story

April 2007, I was 17 and working at the PacSun at Fiesta Mall in Mesa. At the same time Alex was 18, and working In GNC at Arizona Mills Mall in Tempe. Whenever I worked I always went into GNC to get a drink on my break. April 7th, I was working and I went in to get a drink on y break and there was this really cute guy there. I got my drink and we talked at the register for like 5 min, but I had to get back to work cause I only had a ten min break. I went back to work, but I had a hard time working, I couldn't get my mind off of him, so I asked my boss if I could go grab something real quick and she said yes, so off I went back to GNC. I got there and I had no idea what to ask for. So I just said the first thing that came to my mind which for some reason was a knee brace. Haha I have no idea why, but I asked if he happened to have a knee brace, and he said, "no but maybe you can try Sears". Off I scurried, defeated.

Little did I know later that night he got home from closing and had this conversation with his mom.
A. "Mom I met a girl today"
M." Really, whats her name?"
A. "I don't know." (no we didn't even exchange names)
M."Well where did you met her?"
A. "Then mall, I think she was working"
(Alex's mom thought this was weird because he never really talked to her about girls he like or girlfriends) So she said
M."you need to go find her"

And he listened to his mom, and off he went to find me. He kind of looked around the parking lot a little to see if I happened to be out there, but I wasn't so he went home.
Then next 4 days he went to every store in the mall trying to discribe me to people cause he didn't know what my name was or where I worked. Finally on Thursday he was gonna give up and he went to GNC, and the guy that was usually there when I went to get my drinks was there. He told him why he was at the mall, and discribed me to him. And then the guy said, "oh hey, I know her, she works at PacSun." Off Alex went to PacSun.
When he got there my boss was there, and he started discibing me and she said, "oh sasha, ya she works here" Then he asked my number and she asked if he was a stalker. Then he said, "well kind of, but in a good way!" He couldn't get my number, but he left his number for me. Later that day I called to see if I had to work that day. And this is my conversation with my boss.
S. "Hey do I work today"
B. "No, you don't, but remember that guy you were talking about at GNC"
S."ya, what about him"
B. "He came looking for you today"
S."Ha, ya whatever, jerk"
B."No, I'm serious he left you his number!"

After a little bit of convincing I flipped out! And I mean seriously flipped! So I called him, he didn't answer at first cause he was in class, but I left a message, then later that night he called me back and asked me out for the next day. Which was April 13, 2007.

We spent the next two and a haf years dating and in love, until we got engaged on November, 14 2009.  We spent a fun month engaged, but quickly realized it was really overrated, and it would be much funner to be married.  We said "Hey what are we waiting for?  Let's do it!"  And got married on December 14, 2009.  The morning after I turned 20.