Spring Break was this last week, and i spent it in california woot woot! It was a blast, oh and i would like to inform everyone i got paid to go! Yes I get paid vaca HOLLA!! Anyways We had such a good time we took two of the dogs with us churro and my bagheera, they did so good on the ride they just slept the whole way there and back, it was nice. But in California we went to six flags with Mary me and Alex and had such a good time! We went on Saturday which was Mary's birthday! Wahoo! And the rest of the time there we kinda just chilled it was way nice, shoppin, walked around the beach, eatin haha. I had a great time!
Us and the pig
X2 Scary!!
You can see it from her face, terrified!
Mary had someone guess her age for 5 bucks, they guessed 10 years younger so she got a cape!
Me and Alex in Laguna
Down by the beach there was a huge group of birds and i ran after them and they didnt even move! It was so exciting!!!
So fun
On the beach the sun was in my eyes
Mary Zach and Alex
On top of the Laguna hills so pretty but ohhh soo cold


Bagheera's First Hike

I know it's been a looonnnggg time since i've blogged but I'm back now! Anyways
Every week me and Alex go on a hike and today we decided to take Baggie on his first of many hikes with us. He did sooo good! I was so happy and he loved it! I cant wait to take him next week!
(ignore my double chin)
We went hiking at Peralta in the Superstition Mnts, and let me tell you, of all the hikes and the trails I've been on, this one is totally my favorite! It was so beautiful! I want to take everyone I know on this hike with me cause it was so pretty! And its a pretty easy hike too.

Me and Bags restin at the top
He was so wipped out on the car ride home

Oh and freaky thing happened we were sitting on the couch and we heard a huge bang on the glass window behind us and we were like what was that!? And we look out the window and saw this!

Beware Picture Is Disturbing!!

A bird flew into our window!! Ahhhh!! Sad :(