Bagheera's First Hike

I know it's been a looonnnggg time since i've blogged but I'm back now! Anyways
Every week me and Alex go on a hike and today we decided to take Baggie on his first of many hikes with us. He did sooo good! I was so happy and he loved it! I cant wait to take him next week!
(ignore my double chin)
We went hiking at Peralta in the Superstition Mnts, and let me tell you, of all the hikes and the trails I've been on, this one is totally my favorite! It was so beautiful! I want to take everyone I know on this hike with me cause it was so pretty! And its a pretty easy hike too.

Me and Bags restin at the top
He was so wipped out on the car ride home

Oh and freaky thing happened we were sitting on the couch and we heard a huge bang on the glass window behind us and we were like what was that!? And we look out the window and saw this!

Beware Picture Is Disturbing!!

A bird flew into our window!! Ahhhh!! Sad :(


Chelsea said...

oh bagheeras so cute! i am excited to see him for the first time in a week!! woot woot! ps poor birdy

Nancy Face said...

Hey! That bird is looking rather dead.

I LOVE the Superstition Mountains! They're beautiful! :)

Molly said...

We changed our blogger address to:
I picked it not Steven, can you tell?
ha ha