Again!? Why yes!!

So we did pumkins! I know I know Again! We did them with Gaylene and Kyle's fam and Jenny and Chris's and Marla and Paula but there was no Tanna or Dad. I didnt take pictures of all everyones pumkins just a few pictures. So here they are! It was fun!


The Fair!!

So today me and Alex went to the state fair and it was sooo much fun!! I've never been to any kind of fair or carnival so i had a blast!!

This was on a really fun roller coaster! Its was basically like maholland madness at california adventure but the car spun! Its was so much fun! Too bad I didnt get any pictures on more of the rides :( but i will on thursday cause were going back!!!


The dog Alex won me. He said it looks like a fred but i kinda think it looks like a rufuss. But i dont know?

MMMMMM funnel cake! I love fair food yum!!

We Love The Fair!!!


Tanna asked to the dance

So tonight Hector came over and was decorating Tanna's car to ask her to homecoming and he did the cutest thing! He bought her Zebra seat covers and floor mats, a stering wheel cover and seat belt covers all zebra cause that is her favorite thing. It is sooo cute!! and then he put confetti all over her car with black and white streamers. Then there was a big poster over in front of her door with zebra hoofprints leading to outside. He just did it and we were so anxious so we all decided to wake her up and let her see it early. It was so funny she thought we were trying to scare her and cover the door like in the movie 1408 cause the poster was over the top part of the door and she got so mad at us it was funny! But she eventually came out and was really excited! Besides being upset cause she didnt look cuter for pictures haha


Who's from Whoville

So at the party Maranda put grapes in her mouth up by her gums and it was so funny she looked like a who! So then everyone else did it and they all looked so funny!!

49er Dad!!

So my dad had hi 49er party on friday and it was lots of fun! He's so funny he has been planning this party forever!! He was so excited that he turned 49 and had his 49er party. He had everything 49er. And i mean everything!! All his presents were 49er too.

Silly me and alex the only ones not to get him something 49er. You cant see him but we got him Iron man and dodgeball. Dodgeball because it was in the 5 dollar bin at walmart! I love that thing!
But anyways i just want to say Happy Birthday too my daddy. Today is his actual birthday but he had to work today :( but I love my dad he is such a cool and funny guy! I've never met anyone who didnt like him and loves his jokes hahaha I love you dad happy birthday!!