Tanna asked to the dance

So tonight Hector came over and was decorating Tanna's car to ask her to homecoming and he did the cutest thing! He bought her Zebra seat covers and floor mats, a stering wheel cover and seat belt covers all zebra cause that is her favorite thing. It is sooo cute!! and then he put confetti all over her car with black and white streamers. Then there was a big poster over in front of her door with zebra hoofprints leading to outside. He just did it and we were so anxious so we all decided to wake her up and let her see it early. It was so funny she thought we were trying to scare her and cover the door like in the movie 1408 cause the poster was over the top part of the door and she got so mad at us it was funny! But she eventually came out and was really excited! Besides being upset cause she didnt look cuter for pictures haha


Chelsea said...

ha ha thats so cute i love the zebra stuff. i need to come visit you guys! got any free buddy passes?

Sasha said...

um um um...hum you should text my mom and ask her! cause i dont know