Where the crap did September go?!

Seriously. I don't even remember a month passing. I feel like September just started half a week ago. I'm trying to remember what I even did the whole month, weird, I honestly can't remember. But I'm totally not complaining. My husband is coming home this month!!! Can't even begin to explain how excited I am!!

Friday, well Korea time, Alex got promoted!! He is now a specialist, I am so proud of him! He's only been at his first duty station for 11 mo and this is really amazing that he got promoted. I'm only saying that cause his unit kinda sucks at getting things done. But they got this done so thats good! But really I'm so crazy proud of him :)

Isn't he a babe. Yep, I know :)

Also if you've been following my blog for a while, you know I've been training for a 10k. And that 10k happened to take place today. I was so insanely nervous, this was my first race ever. Well first race on land, I'm a swimmer, not a runner, but now I guess I can say I'm a runner too! Three of my aunts and my mom and dad were able to come down and watch me, and I am so glad they were there to support me. The run went really well. I had a really good pace until the last mile and my hip like started wigging out and it hurt so bad, so I walked for like .40 of that mile. I loved how there were people along the track cheering and clapping, it was such a boost hearing that. At the 4th mile I saw my family and that was a big boost. Really though this was so much run, and I'm already looking forward to my next race! Me and the hubs are gonna do a half marathon for our 2 year anniversary :)

the fam minus my dad, he's taking the pics
waiting for the race to start
start of the race
seeing my family after mile 4 gotta do the thumbs up haha
my dad ran after me to get this haha
horrible picture of me. But this was such a happy moment

My official time was 69:29 which is an 11:11 mile, also 30 sec under my goal time. I'm happy with it, but at the same time I'm not, only cause I know I couldn't have gone harder(grrr that last mile) But still the same pretty happy with my accomplishment :)


Morghen K said...

you go girl!!!

Verity Kae said...

GIRRRRLLLLL!!! You are so flipping awesome!! Good job and you look hot! I love your face!

Audrey said...

Congrats to your hubby on the promotion! And you should be so proud of yourself for your time on that 10k...I could never do it!!

Sasha :) said...

im so happy for you!!

e@thisnotedlife said...

congrats on the promotion AND on your race!!

Bre said...

Congratulations to you and the hubs! Glad your race went well!