Oh so Much

I have a lot of things to put on here today.

First of I got an award yay!
Love both these blogs!

The rules:
1. Thank the person who gave you the award and link back to them.
2. Share 7 things about yourself!

So here are the 7 things about me
1. I love D. Phil. People like to rag on him but I like him, and watch every episode
2. I have 10x more room on the bed when my husband is home as apposed to when I sleep by myself. Because when I sleep by myself the dogs sleep on the bed with me and I get like a sliver of bed
3. I love my jeep. But I want my Acura back. Too bad we can't afford 2 cars right now or I would totally take it back
4. There is nothing more therapeutic to me then driving fast and listening to music at night
5. I think me and my husband have the best story(you can read at the button above) I might be bias but oh well
6. I never would have thought me and my husband would spend more time and go on more vacations together when we were dating than when we were married, but I also never factored the military into our plans when we were dating
7. I love Arizona. Actually I'm gonna be writing an Arizona post soon. Best. Place. Ever.

And I'm not gonna pass this on cause I'm pretty sure I've seen about everyone have it now haha

Next think on the list. Goodnight Moon link up!!

This is just because it's "our song" and absolutely 100% true Every thing just seems to be so much better when we're together

Now last thing. I've got a bunch of new followers lately and I feel bad I haven't really said "hey" So I want everyone to introduce themselves to tell me something about you(even if I already "know" you. and if I'm not already following you where I can follow!

Oh and big P.S. my love comes home in 26 days!! so soon!!


Morghen K said...

26 days oh my goodness!! How exciting!!!!

Anonymous said...

I love that song! And only 26 days... YAY!!!!!

Amanda said...

One of my favorite songs- good pick.

Emma Frances said...

Woohoo for 26 days!! :) That's so exciting!

And I'm Emma from randeashby.blogspot.com I'm pretty sure you're already following! :)

And something about me...I am super excited to graduate college in May!!

Fit With Flash said...

Congrats on getting to see your man soon! Cute blog, chick!