I'll show you mine if you show me yours

I'm linking up with Asleigh from This lil Heart of Mine to do I'll show you my vlog is you show me yours!

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It's pretty awkward. Be prepared.

Now everyone go link-up and do a vlog!

P.S. today is a super awesome day. Wanna know why? My lover comes home in 39 days!!! Holy freak were in the 30's!! Oh and Vampire Diaries Starts Tonight. Eeeekkk!!
Oh and remember that one time when I was like this is my 200th post! Well this is actually my 200th. I went through and deleted a lot of crap from my blog. I had about 10 posts about fist. No joke.


Erinn said...

hahaha that was awesome. and awkward. but mostly awesome

Fran said...

After watching this I've concluded we both are awkward and awesome enough that we could be friends in real life.
Let's make this happened and overwhelm the world with our awkward awesomeness! :)

Sasha :) said...

haha, you're awesome. Loved your dogs too!

Emma said...

Hello, from a fellow Army wife. Loved the vlog!

Katie said...

I just read your "About me" and your story is ADORABLE. Seriously. He searched for you!! I LOVED IT :)