A year ago(ish I honestly don't totally remember the exact date) Alex and I got fake married.. That's where you're already married but you invite everyone to see you pretend to get married and have a reception. It was good times. I've seen a bunch of blogs where people try on their wedding dresses a year later to see if they still fit. I wanted to do that, except I wanted to make sure it didn't fit hahaa cause I was a bit bigger.




Gross right. Yeah that's what I said when I looked through these. I was just telling Alex the other day how much it sucks the happiest pictures I have are the ones I'm supposed to love. My fake wedding and pictures of the time I lived in Korea with my hubs for 6 weeks. Yet those are the pictures that I can't even look at without being grossed out at myself. Grrr

Here I am a year later



Why yes, I am doing weird faces cause I'm totally awkward whilst taking self photos



Wanna know why I'm sad faccing? Cause the biggest part of the dress is the chest. Oh noess!! I'm losing all my boobs! :(


Pictures Just don't do it justice just how much room is in the chest.
I knows its not just my boobs getting smaller, even though you can see a significant difference, boo. Its my back, arm, and stomach fat too. So yay!

Gotta say, this dress just looks silly on me now. I gotta do a trash this dress sesh.
Sad part of this all is this was in August and I didn't even try to start losing weight till March. That like 7 more months of gaining. Ya this wasn't even t he biggest I got. Ewe.


Reccewife said...

I lost 40 lbs this year and my boob were the last but biggest lose. I lost 3 cup sizes! And I'd like to say that it's okay because they were kinda big to begin with (I went from an F to a D) but I am still mourning them a little :P And I feel kinda bad for my hubby :)
You look great, good for you! Congrats on all the hard work!

Sacha....xoxo said...

Aww well done for losing your weight. You look amazing. I couldn't fit my wedding dress as well. I have been eat so much junks for 2 years. I start to lose weight now. Hope it will work for me. My boobs are "watermelon" to me. They are so huge that make me want to have a reduce boobs but i know i need lose weight first before having them reduce boobs... As I used to have E cups, but now it is 34G...Huge, right!?

You still look amazing, congratulation darling...Keep it going ..

Sacha xxx

Jessica Renee said...

You look SO good!! Not that you didn't look good before but your hard work defintely shows! :) I never really stick to dieting (I'm so awful) but every time I try to lose weight, my boobs are the last to go and it makes me so sad too!

Mr. and Mrs. Volheim said...

Aww your "fake" wedding pictures are pretty! You do NOT look gross! That dress is gorgeous. But congrats on making so much progress! It's exciting to be able to put on older clothes and have them be way too big.

Mama Nut said...

Sometimes your boobs don't get much smaller, you lose weight off of your back... that happened to me big time! You look great though, and that's a reason to smile!!

Christine Marie said...

Oh please. For the record, I've always thought that you are a gorgeous girl. I know it's easier to feel good about yourself when you weigh less, but I guarantee that you are the only one who thinks you look bad in those old pictures.

Sasha :) said...

You look amazing!