Me and my family went to Maui last weekend and it was so much fun! Here are just a bunch of pictures

This is at the hotel we used to stay at, and we went back to visit because they have a little zoo! And this is a goose we saw. I never realized what big feat they had

Pink Flamingos!

Some giant fish!

And one of the adorable penguins we saw!!

Thats me and Randa playing in the ocean

This is right outside our room. A PGA Tour was going on and they had all these cameras out there and all the pros! It was crazy!

Me on my phone the only reason I put this up is cause zoom in and look at my nails! Story about this. I went to see Alex the other day at work and I was on one...so really emotional and I was crying over everything and i looked down at my hands and feet and they looked sooooo bad and i dont know why but I started tearing up and he asked me what was wrong and I was really upset so he took out a bunch of cash and said here babe go a manicure and pedicure there's a place right down the hall in the mall. AWWWW how nice right!?

Tanna and Randa in the hotel. Randa's lookin pretty silly

Our hotel from afar

The giant piece of pizza i had a whalers village. It was so biiiiggg

Whalers Village That is a whale skeleton! Nutts Eh!?

A pretty view

View from our room

And another view from our room

I love Hawaii for suuure

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Nancy Face said...

HOW EXCITING! I've never been to Hawaii!

I love your pictures and your pretty nails! :)