Death and a New Pal

My fish died last week...well 2 of them. One of them was my sucker who I never got to name. But he was awesome! When he died I put him in the toilet and then I noticed something...he looks really alive and freaky! So I decided to keep him in there because I new that my sister Tanna would be the first one to use the toilet in the morning. So I shut the toilet and put a sign on it.
I then woke up the next morning to terriried screams, and of coarse they were Tanna's. But I was just too tired to wake up and laugh at her for my high-sterical joke so I just chuckled and went back to sleep. But I found out this is what went down.
Tanna-AHHHHHH!!!! Mom there's something in the toilet!!
Mom-I know Sasha did it it's a joke!
Tanna-What is it!!!!
Mom-her dead fish
Tanna-AHHHH!!!! What do I do with it!!!?
Mom-flush it
The End
ps my awesome clown fish died :( sad I really liked him he got ich

But today I got a new puppy!! It was the best thing ever I saw an add up in the copy room of the elementry school when I was clocking out that said 7 puppys for sale 25 dollars each terrier/labs. So I thought..I NEEEEEDD ONE!
So I called her up the next day...today...and looked at the puppy I instantly fell in love with him. So I went to work which turned out to be the longest day ever! Drove over got my puppy, went back to work to show the kids, go to petsmart, then I went home to suprise everyone. I didnt even tell my mom cause I didnt want her to say no hahaha. But its ok cause she loves him! He is the cutest dog ever his name is Chewy, cause he looks like chubacha, and he is 7 weeks old!

But ya if anyone wants is looking for a way cute puppy for 25 bucks shots included let me know and I'll hook you up. The lady still has 6 left!


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Nancy Face said...

Chewy DOES have a Chewbacca face! :D

Your fish prank was HILARIOUS! I love it! :D

I'm sad that your fishies died...ah, the dreaded ich! I love fish and aquariums, but I haven't had one since my last one sprung a leak!