Me and Alex went on a nice little date tonight. It was really fun we went and saw the temple lights and walked around for a bit and then we went to Red Robin. It was lovely

Hahahah we were practicing our funny faces turns out they are not funny...more like creppy kinda....Ok its a little funny but I look really really fat haha oh well

I must say sometimes the weirdest things are said as conversation between me and Alex. like tonight when we were at red robin alex was sitting across from me and he was waving his hands in front of his face in a circular motion and I was like whoa! Your hands look like 3-D!! And he was like hahaha I am 3-D hahahah. I kept trying to explain myself and it just didnt work hahaha.

Another one we went to qt out twice at least daily drink stop. And I got a hot chocolate for the first time this season and we got in the car and alex started talking about what songs I need to get. Then I went off and I said Know why I love these cups? Cause I feel like I'm drinking coffee and I feel really old and sophisticated. And then Alex laughed and said know what else you need? And I go OH A NEWSPAPER!!! hahaha and he said no i mean what other songs you need hahaha


kevin said...

"What else do you need?" Isn't that Circle K? I thought you were QTers.

BTW, just saw the new xmas pick of you & alex. luv it!

Marla said...


Samantha said...

ha ha this was super cute and III LOOOVVEE temple lights!!! you two are so adorable it's my first time reading your blog i came across is and will be back regularly!! Bloggy friend samantha